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In September 2017, we raised $797 for our charity partners. 
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Giving Back is essential part of our business. We have benefited from the support of so many people that it is only natural that we should help others as well. John is our inspiration and he has a tremendous giving spirit.
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June was another good month here at John’s Crazy Socks which means we were able to raise money for our charity partners. We’re on a mission to spread happiness and one of the best ways we do that is raising money for our charity partners. Giving is always better than receiving. 
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We have a mission to spread happiness through socks so we put together a list of seven ways we can help bring you a smile this summer:

  1. Hug a friend just because. I love giving out hugs.
  2. Find socks that let you be you. That always makes me smile.
  3. Give socks to a friend because that will make you both smile.
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