AFB Fashion Show - Johns Crazy Socks

Another Face of Beauty
Fashion and Art Show

Chapin Stage
Heckscher Park
Huntington, NY
Long Island Fall Festival

Saturday, October 7, 2023

2:30pm - 4:30pm

For information and directions visit

As part of our effort to show what people with differing abilities can do, John’s Crazy Socks will stage the second annual Fashion and Art Show called “Another Face of Beauty.”

The event will feature models, artists, and musicians who have differing abilities.

We are so excited to organize this event so people can see beauty in a new way. 

Meet our Models and Musicians


AAlexia, of Walt Whitman High School, is a young lady with what we like to refer to as “Up Syndrome” instead of Down Syndrome, as it best describes her vibrant and contagiously upbeat personality! She loves traveling, enjoys exploring different cuisines, loves music, reading books, movies and sailing on the family boat.
Alexia is the co-founder of a special needs boxing program at New York Fitness and Boxing Gym in East Northport, NY.


AAndrew is a student at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. He works alongside his twin brother, Devin, at their family’s new farm, where he helps with planting flowers and working in the greenhouse.
Andrew is very much into art and comic books and loves to draw. He rounds out his time with boxing class and soccer.


BBear is an eight-year-old boy from Bay Shore, who currently attends third grade at the Henry Viscardi School. He is the winner of the 2022 John's Crazy Socks Sock Design Contest and an avid power soccer player. In his free time he loves playing Nintendo, Roblox and spending time with his little brother, Sam.


BBen is a student of the Music Academy for Special Learners, a musician and songwriter, and author of the book “Maybe Autism Is My Superpower.” He is a social media influencer who is working hard to teach people that kids who have special needs also have great abilities!


CChelsie has worked at John’s Crazy Socks as a Happiness Packer for the past two years. A gifted artist, her paintings are displayed all around the John's Crazy Socks office. She loves Star Wars and many of the Star Wars characters show up in her paintings. As you can tell by the clothing that Chelsie will be modeling, she also loves Christmastime.


DDaniel participates in nine Special Olympic Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Golf, Equestrian, Floor Hockey, Softball and Power Lifting. Power Lifting his favorite sport and his call name is MR. USA. Daniel was selected for the USA Games in 2014 and 2022. His highest weight lifted was 197 Lbs. on Bench which earned him a Gold medal. He also earned the Bronze medal after lifting over 300 Lbs. Daniel is an Athletes Leadership Council Member and an active volunteer helping to raise funds for the Special Olympics.


DDevin always looks forward to going to art class at Spirit of Huntington Art Center – his favorite color is white! He enjoys playing soccer and attending boxing class with his friends. He works hard after school and on weekends helping to build his family’s new farm. Recently Devin helped put in an irrigation system in their new greenhouse. In his spare time, he likes singing and dancing. He loves animals, especially his three cats.


EEddie participates in the work experience program at John's Crazy Socks. He is a very big fan of Rock-a-billy music and listens to it all the time. Eddie also goes bowling twice a week and takes numerous walks hoping for 10,000 steps a day! When he is not bowling, walking, or listening to music you can find him reading. Some of his favorite books are Star Wars, Harry Potter and of course the Berenstain Bears and Arthur.


JJanissa is a Special Olympics Athlete, Self-Advocate and Model. She has competed in the New York State Competitions for Floor Hockey, and most recently she competed in Powerlifting, winning four silver medals and a gold medal for her division. This year she introduced The Janissa Believe & Achieve Scholarships, helping raise funds and donating scholarships to students with different abilities. Why Believe & Achieve? Because if you believe in yourself you will achieve great things!


JJohn has worked as a sock wrangler for John’s Crazy Socks since 2018. He enjoys joining in on the John’s Crazy Socks Tuesday Dance Party. John plays the electric guitar in the band “Dangerous Alliance.” They have performed at Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub in Smithtown! John is also a Special Olympics Athlete, participating in floor hockey and softball. John also excels at bowling with a high score of 267!


JJustine likes to volunteer at an organic vegetable farm, where she gets to plant, care for and harvest many different kinds of vegetables. In her free time Justine enjoys drawing, painting and recently has taken up working with clay. Justine loves to swim; her favorite stroke is the free style followed by a flip turn. She also participates in the work experience program at John’s Crazy Socks.


KKeira currently attends the RAMP Program at The Viscardi Center, but every chance she gets, she loves to attend Mets games at Citi Field! Her favorite player is Brett Baty and she hopes to one day be able to meet him. When not at Mets games, Keira enjoys listening to all kinds of music and talking on the phone with her friends.


MMaria is a senior at Huntington High School. She enjoys singing, swimming and creating fashion clothing. In her spare time she enjoys walking dogs. This past summer she visited Japan and tried on kimonos for fun.


MMark is a sock wrangler at John’s Crazy Socks. During the summer, Mark goes away to sleep away camp. His favorite foods are pizza, cheeseburgers, and ice cream. In his spare time, Mark spends time with his friend Christian, goes bowling, to Dave & Buster’s or to the movies and plays basketball and video games.


MMasoom is a student at Suffolk County Community College who has worked as a sock wrangler at John’s Crazy Socks since 2021. He is an avid reader who loves Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and any adventure or fantasy book. Other hobbies include watching tv and writing journal entries. Here’s a fun fact about Masoom: he remembers everyone’s birthdays!


NNoah is from Wantagh. He went to The Viscardi Center and is now a self-advocate for AHRC Nassau. He loves sports!


FThe FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps is the first differently-abled Drum & Bugle Corps/Marching Band in the world! The Corps was established in 2010 to provide new opportunities to people of all abilities, all across Long Island, NY, who are aspiring musicians, dancers, actors and athletes.

With Participants From...


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