Spreading Happiness through Our Crazy Socks

Our Story

The Story of John’s Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son project inspired by John Lee Cronin and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks”. We are all about socks: creative, fun, corny, edgy, sometimes loud, sometimes sublime, and always, personal socks. What’s right for me may not be right for you and vice versa, but if we can find socks that stand out, that vibrate with life, you might love them too.

An Idea is Born

John Cronin

This venture starts with John, a young man with Down Syndrome. No slave to fashion, John has long cherished socks that speak to his mood and his personality. He became a connoisseur of sorts, seeking out any store that might let him add to his collection. 

So we start with John’s love of socks. We add into that the fact that John is studying retailing and customer service at the local tech high school. As part of his personality, John pays attention to others and there’s nothing that makes him happier than coming through for someone else.  At the same time, John’s Dad, Mark X. Cronin, leads a new organization called Paumonok Innovations Inc., which develops online informational sites and niche online stores. Mark has a long and varied career that has him focused on the intersection of customer service, innovation and technology.

Mark and John spend a lot of time together and engage in an ongoing dialogue. Throw in their interests and experience, add their enthusiasm and sense of adventure and out comes John’s Crazy Socks.

What is John’s Crazy Socks About?

Mark has led large organizations and start-ups. “To succeed, you need to know what matters, what is your purpose and what are the values that guide you.” For John’s Crazy Socks, the focus is easy to see: socks, sock and more socks, but not just any socks. We seek those socks that will make a difference, that will make you smile or laugh, that will tug at your heart, that will add some zest to your life. We are all about socks that will matter to you, that you will love and cherish. 

So that’s our focus, but what will guide us as we pursue socks you love? That is simple: we treat people the way we want to be treated. That means pay attention, treat people with respect and dignity, be transparent and honest.  We want to be of service to others. The better we treat you, the better we serve you, the more successful our business will be. This guides us in everything we do from how we pick our socks to the design of our website to the packages we send you. It guides our return policy, our shipping options and our privacy guidelines.

It is never enough to simply conduct your business. It is incumbent on us to give back. To make this commitment a reality, we decided to give 5 percent of our profits to the Special Olympics. John is a long-time Special Olympics athlete who has benefited greatly from the program. You can read more here about why the Special Olympics.

Here at John’s Crazy Socks, we talk all the time about the three S’s:

  • Socks: We are on a perpetual hunt for innovative, fun socks that our customers appreciate and want to wear.
  • Service: We are driven to treat our customers well. We start with an easy to use website that gives our customers a choice of great socks with full information about each item. We will ship promptly and make customer service and returns easy.
  • Special Olympics: John is active in the Special Olympics and as a way of giving back, we will donate a portion of all revenues to the Special Olympics.

We have a simple approach: find socks that people will love and treat our customers well. The better we take care of our customers, the better our business will do.

You will be the judge if we fulfill our mission: Socks, Service, Special Olympics.