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To wear a mask or not, that has become a key personal decision in the U.S. For a father, be it a father of young children or fully grown adults, that simple question takes on additional meaning. 
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John’s Crazy Socks has introduced a line of fun and comfortable face masks. True to their mission, not only do these masks look good and spread happiness, but they give back too. John’s Crazy Socks donates 10 percent from the sales of these masks to Covid-19 Relief Funds supporting frontline healthcare workers.
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Let’s start with reality: we have not closed for Juneteenth in the past. So why now? Because we are learning, and we need to change. Because Juneteenth is a day of action and we need to take action. Because this is personal, it is not about what we all must do, it is about what John and I must do as leaders of our organization.
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John’s Crazy Socks is joining an effort by Inclusiv-tee, a Minnesota-based Public Benefit Corporation, to bring hope and a sense of community into the pandemic. The initiative is called Artists Who Share: An Auction to Support Coronavirus Recovery. The auction will feature work from more than 40 established and new artists from six countries.

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At John’s Crazy Socks, we have a mission to spread happiness and what better way to spread happiness than to dance. John loves to dance and he wants to share that love by hosting the John’s Crazy Socks Online Dance Party.

John says, “Get off the couch, walk away from Netflix and Disney, let’s dance.”

The next John’s Crazy Socks Dance Party will be held on Tuesday, May 5 at 3 p.m. eastern time.

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Giving Back is an essential part of our mission at John’s Crazy Socks. During times of stress, Giving Back becomes all the more important. Through the end of April, we had raised $63,062 for our charity partners in 2020. 
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What is done to the least of our brothers, is done to all of us. We can wait no longer. We cannot put this off or tell our brothers and sisters that their time will come. The time is now. Each of us has a responsibility to stand up. Our company is not an abstract entity. We are flesh and blood, started by a father and son, a business built on love. We cannot stand by as injustice persists, be it for people with differing abilities or people of color, we must help bring about the change we need to see.
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John’s Crazy Socks has introduced Online Meetings with John: Hear the Story of John’s Crazy Socks. These 45-minute sessions open John’s Crazy Socks to the world and invite people to meet John and hear the story of how a young entrepreneur who happens to have Down syndrome could create an internationally recognized business to spread happiness.
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John’s Crazy Socks is teaming up with Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center to thank the hundreds of workers who have sacrificed so much to make a difference during this pandemic. John’s Crazy Socks is introducing This Superhero Wears Scrubs Socks to celebrate the work done by our frontline health care workers. These socks will raise money for the Covid-19 Relief Fund at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in John’s home, Long Island.
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