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John & Mark Cronin have made television and podcast appearances on notable outlets such as Fox and Friends, CBS News, ABC News. They have been featured in the New York Post, Good Housekeeping and more. Below are some great examples of where Mark and John have been highlighted.

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ABC News 7 Washington DC - Businesses Urged To Hire More People With Disabilities

Socks unite Congress members from both sides of the aisle

KTBC Fox 7 Austin raising awareness about abilities of people with disabilities

Father-son team creating opportunities for those with different abilities

New York entrepreneur with Down Syndrome wants to unite Congress through socks

WNBC 4 Covers John's Crazy Socks Special Donation at Long Island Hospital

Sock business is booming for man with Down syndrome - May 2017

Father and son spread happiness, one crazy pair of socks at a time - June 2018

John's Crazy Socks co-founder becomes 1st person with Down syndrome to win major entrepreneurs' award - June 2019

A video from CNBC Make It on John's Crazy Socks - October 2018

A video of John talking about his connection to former President George H.W. Bush - December 2018

A video of John and Mark visisting Fox & Friends - November 2017

A video on John's Crazy Socks from the BBC - January 2018

A video of John and Mark being interviewed by Steve Adubato on PBS - June 2018

Fox Business video on the founding of John's Crazy Socks - October 2017

A video from Google on John and John's Crazy Socks - June 2018

A video from Microsoft on how John's Crazy Socks shows what people with disabilities can achieve - October 2018

How this 22-year-old with Down syndrome built a multimillion-dollar business off his love of crazy socks - October 2018

John’s Crazy Socks Owners Testify Before Congress On the Importance of Fair Wages for People With Down Syndrome - May 2018

Man with Down syndrome starts million-dollar sock company - January 2018

List of 11 Best No-Show Socks for Men and Women - December 2020

A video on John's Crazy Socks and PS I Love You Day - February 2019

Man with Down syndrome owns multi-million-dollar sock business - April 2018

A video from CNBC Nightly Business Report on John's Crazy Socks - March 2018

News 12 Reports on John's Crazy Socks - April 2017

The Secret to John's Crazy Socks' Success? Hiring Employees of Differing Abilities - July 2019

'Follow your dream,' John's Crazy Socks co-founder tells business students - November 2019

John's Crazy Socks debuts new line benefiting health care heroes - April 2020

John’s Crazy Socks Launches Curated Down Syndrome Super Box - August 2020

Documentary on LI father and son to be featured at online Reel Abilities Film Festival - April 2020

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards - 2019

A video on John's Crazy Socks from Global News - July 2018

Hospital Workers Get ‘Healthcare Super Hero’ Socks - February 2021

Huntington resident with Down syndrome starts sock company - February 2017

John’s Crazy Socks- Long Island Business Spreading Happiness Since 2016 - May 2020

How This 21-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Is Making Six Figures Selling Socks - April 2017

Reel Abilities Film Festival

John and Mark join Philip DeFranco and discuss the sub-minimum wage for differntly-abled workers - February 2019

John and Mark join the Pickler & Ben show to discuss John's Crazy Socks - May 2018

This Fun Sock Company Employs Those With Differing Abilities & Gives Back - October 2020

10 Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life - November 2020

A video and article on the foudning of John's Crazy Socks - March 2017

John's Crazy Socks Donates Socks To Huntington Hospital - February 2021

John's Crazy Socks Can Help You Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day - February 2021

41 Charitable Gifts That Give Back to Those In Need - December 2020


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