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Autism Awareness Socks

Autism Awareness Socks

We love our Autism Awareness Socks and are proud to share them with you.

As a company, John’s Crazy Socks recognizes the abilities s of all people and we highlight the strengths that we all possess. We created our Autism Awareness Socks to celebrate the abilities and accomplishments of people on the autism spectrum. 

Our co-founder and inspiration, John Cronin, has Down syndrome so we understand what it is like to face a world that doesn’t always understand you and often underestimates you. Since we champion the abilities of all people, we employ people on the autism spectrum and watch them every day work alongside us. We do not employ these individuals out of charity, but because we count on them to help us achieve our mission. 

Because giving back is an essential part of our mission, we donate $2 from the sale of every pair of our Autism Awareness Socks to organizations supporting and championing people with autism. donate $1 from every sale to Autism Speaks! And $1 to the Autism Society of America (Nassau/Suffolk Chapter).

These are unisex socks that will fit women, men and children.

Size: These unisex socks are one size. There is one crew and one knee high sock. They fit: 

  • Womenwith shoe sizes 4 through 12.
  • Menwith shoe sizes 6 - 13.
  • Older Childrensizes 2 – 10. 


Sock Maker: John's Crazy Socks
Materials: 100% polyester

Made in the USA