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"I received several emails from my class, the staff, and attending doctors just telling me how much your story impacted their day. Many of them said you were the highlight of their week! Everyone left empowered and re-energized by you passion and commitment... I just can't say thank you enough. The awareness that you helped spread about people with disabilities will surely change the way these doctors practice."

"I have been with Keller Williams for 4 years (July 9th was my work anniversary) and I have planned or attended at least 100 events since then and the two of you were by far my favorite speakers we have ever had. I know that feeling was not felt by me alone, we had non stop feedback from people saying the same thing and people thanking me for finding you and bringing you to our region. John - Your energy is amazing and I wish more people were like you!"

"Thank you so much for the warm, open spirit and all of the knowledge you and John shared during your presentation. Being able to relate to you and John’s life journey as social entrepreneurs and industry experts is an invaluable experience for our students, one I know that students will take with them for years to come."

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