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XL and King Size Socks

Check out our selection of XL Socks. We have big socks for big men. Men with larger feet deserve to have great socks too. We’ve put together a collection of socks for men with size 13 and larger shoe sizes. Check out these patterns and styles. We want you to find socks you will love.

John may not have large feet, but his older brothers Patrick and James do and John wants them to wear his socks. These socks are comfortable, fit larger feet and look great. They won’t’ stretch or lose their shape or pattern. Wear them with confidence.

Many of these socks are variations on our main catalog socks so look for the XL,  King Sizes, Big Calf socks, Wide Calf Socks for men and women, in addition to Big Calves Socks.. Check back often as we are always adding to our selection of XL and King Size Socks.   

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