Corporate Gifts

We have a Corporate Gift Giving Service that you will love. Send a gift of John’s Crazy Socks and you send happiness. People love our socks, and they will love to receive them as a gift from you.  

Brands we've worked with:



Goulet Pen Company

4 Forms of Personalized Gifting:

01 | Custom Socks

We can design custom socks just for you and send those to your customers, employees, friends, and neighbors. Each sock will have a custom tag incorporating your design. 

02 | Our Sock of the Month Club

What’s better than receiving a package of happiness each month? The Sock of the Month Club is the gift that keeps giving. You can give a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. 

03 | Custom Bag or Box of Socks

We can help you pick just the right combination of socks from our selection of over 4,000 products. We can gift wrap them in a box or a bag to make them perfect.You can make this a personal gift based on your choice of socks. 

04 | Pick a Bag or Box of Socks from Our Collection 

We have dozens of Gift Bags and Boxes from which you can choose. 

The socks are fun, personal, and memorable. Give the gift of socks and your gift will stand out. We will include a card from you, a card from John and some candy. You’ll be spreading happiness.

We want to make this easy for you. Carol, our Business-to-Business Specialist, will take care of you. (Not only that, Carol is John’s Mom, so you know she will put extra care and love into your order.) She will help you pick the gift that is just right for you and will make all the arrangements. You will get the personal attention and treatment that you deserve. Call Carol now at 631-760-5625. Our Corporate Concierge service is free. 

You want to make people happy and you want them to remember your gift. John’s Crazy Socks can make that happen. We can fit your budget. Don’t wait, contact Carol now at 631-760-5625.