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St. Patrick’s Day Socks

St. Patrick’s Day Socks

We have a great collection of St. Patrick's Day Socks for you. The spring brings St. Patrick's Day and time to be wearing the green. We have socks to help top off any outfit. After all, come St., Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish.

Are you attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade? New York has the biggest (no surprise there), but Boston has tradition and in Chicago, they turn the water green. We love he big parades, but also love the smaller, community parades. We’ve marched in the Rockaway St, Patrick’s Parade, a long-time tradition in Queens, New York, and have marched and cheered on the marchers in the Huntington, New York parade.

Our St. Patrick’s Socks include many with shamrocks because the shamrock is a symbol for both St. Patrick and Ireland. But we also have four-leaf clover socks that bring good fortune and good luck (and legend has it, a bit of paradise).  We have leprechaun socks and pot of gold socks. Most of all, we have socks you can love.

We ship our St. Patrick's Day Socks the same day because we want you to have your socks right away. And there’s FREE shipping with every order $25 and above.