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Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Giving Back is an essential part of our purpose at John’s Crazy Socks. We have a mission to spread happiness and part of that mission involves offering hope and inspiration about what is possible when people with a disability are given a chance. That commitment leads us to donate to support programs that celebrate, champion, support, and advocate for people with disabilities.

We also give back to show our gratitude. We have been able to achieve early success and we know that is because of the support of so many other people and organizations. Having been given such an opportunity, we want to give back to say thank you.

Requesting a Donation Box of Socks

We will explain our Giving Back Program and the basis for our donations in this statement, but let’s start by telling you how you can request a donation from us.

We welcome donation requests for Donation Boxes of Socks to support special events such as fundraising dinners and Buddy Walks. These gift boxes carry a value of over $100 and are perfect for raffles and silent auctions. If you would like to request a Donation Box of Socks, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Name of your organization
  2. Name of the event
  3. Date of the event
  4. Purpose of the funds you are raising
  5. Number of people attending the event
  6. How will you promote the event?
  7. Will you tag us in social media?
  8. Will there be an information table where you can place our brochures?
  9. Name and contact information for the contact person

We are not able to honor the request for financial donations as we have already committed our cash donations to the Special Olympics and our other charity partners. You can read below to understand our approach.

Our Approach to Donations

As we have grown, we have focused our Giving Back on groups and individuals that work with people with special needs and disabilities. There are many great causes – people working to protect the environment, to advance the arts, to lift people out of poverty, to advance peace – and we would want to support many, many causes. But we realize that we can have a better impact focusing on issues concerning people with disabilities and special needs since that resonates best with our overall mission.

Financial Contributions

The leading organization we support is the Special Olympics. John is a Special Olympic athlete and we love the way the Special Olympics promote training and competition. We have witnessed first-hand how that program lifts not only the athletes but the coaches, volunteers and family members who support them.

We donate 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. In addition, we have two Special Olympics socks. We donate $2 from each pair of our Shark Socks to the Special Olympics and $1 from each pair of our Polar Plunge socks to the organization. And, we donate 5 percent of all revenue raised by our Sock of the Month Club to the Special Olympics.

We also make financial contributions to our charity partners through our Awareness and Charity Socks. We currently have four Awareness Socks:



Charity Partner(s)

Amount Given Per Sock

Autism Awareness Socks

Autism Society of America (Nassau/Suffolk Chapter) and Autism Speaks

$2 from each pair of socks. The crew cost $12 and the knee-high cost $15.

Down Syndrome Awareness Socks



National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)

$2 from each pair of socks. The crew cost $12 and the knee-high cost $15.

Williams Syndrome Awareness Socks

Williams Syndrome Association

$2 from each pair of socks. The crew cost $12 and the knee-high cost $15.

End Law Syndrome Socks

National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)

We donate $2 from each pair of these crew socks.


We will selectively add to our list of Awareness Socks over time.

We also have several charity socks:


Charity Partner(s)

Amount Given Per Sock

Blue Whale Socks

Whaling Museum and Education Center of Cold Spring Harbor

$1 from an $8 pair of socks.

Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

10 percent from a $6 pair of socks ($0.60).

Shark Socks

Special Olympics

$2 from each pair of socks. The crew cost $12 and the knee-high cost $15.

Polar Plunge Socks

Special Olympics

We donate $1 from each pair of these crew socks.

ACLD Socks

ACLD (Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities)

We donate $2 from each pair of these crew socks.


You might ask why we donate to the Whaling Museum and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation if we focus only on charities that help people with disabilities and special needs. Quite simply, we made those decisions early on in our development and we will continue to support them even as our focus has evolved.

As with our Awareness Socks, we expect to grow the list of charity socks over time.

Donation Boxes of Socks

We’re on a mission to spread happiness through socks so we love seeing more people wear our socks. Making donations of socks makes us happy. They can be a fun addition to any raffle or silent auction and we have received lots of happy feedback from groups that have included the Donation Boxes of Socks in their events.

As we have explained above, we make these donations to groups and organizations that are supporting people with disabilities or special needs. If your group has another mission, we hope you understand our focus and urge you to find companies and charitable entities that align with your mission.

If you are an organization working with and supporting the disabled and think that a donation of a box of socks to your event would help, then please contact us. Simply follow the instructions that we outlined at the top of this statement.

Thank you

John and Mark Cronin