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John's Crazy Socks Discount Program

For Companies, Groups, and Organizations

We have created a Discount Program to support groups making multiple purchases from John’s Crazy Socks. The idea is simple: if members of your company, organization, school or group are coming to make purchases from John’s Crazy socks, we will give you a discount code to share that will save people money.

Interested in the Discount Program, call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at

The John’s Crazy Socks Discount Program will give a 10 percent discount to the anyone using the discount code.

Attention Non-Profits and Charities

Non-profits and charities may want to consider enrolling in our Charity Fundraising Program. In that program, we give you a Charity Code (like a discount code) to share with supporters. When a supporter makes a purchase in our online store using that Charity Code, the customer receives a free gift, and the charity receives 10 percent of the sale as a donation. Our Charity Fundraising Program is an easy, touchless and fun way to raise funds.

Examples of the John’s Crazy Socks Discount Program

  • A PTA is sponsoring at Crazy Socks Day at school and wants to encourage all students to wear crazy socks. We can give that PTA a discount code to give the students and their families.

  • A company or an office decides to wear crazy socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. We can offer a discount code for all the employees in that office.

  • Your organization has John and Mark speaking at an event. We can offer a discount code for all the attendees at the event.
  • A podcast or a show has John and Mark join them as guests. We can offer a discount code for the audience as a way to support the podcast or show.

How Does Our Discount Program Work?

If you lead a company, charity, organization or a group and you are encouraging employees, supporters or members to make a purchase at our online store, we may be able to offer you our Discount Program.

Start by sending an email to or call Carol at 631-760-5625 Tell us about your organization or event: How many members or employees? If the purchases are for an event, what is the event and how many people do you expect to participate? How will you distribute the discount code? How will you promote the purchase of socks?

Let’s get started now. Call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at