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Hey Sock Lover, Join our John's Crazy Socks, JCS Rewards and get points just for signing up!

Discount Rewards are  10% off, 15% off, Free Socks, Gift Cards, and more!

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For Companies, Groups, and Organizations

We have created a Discount Program to support groups making multiple purchases from John’s Crazy Socks. The idea is simple: if members of your company, organization, school or group are coming to make purchases from John’s Crazy socks, we will give you a discount code to share that will save people money.

Interested in the Discount Program, call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at

The John’s Crazy Socks Discount Program will give a 10 percent discount to the anyone using the discount code.

Attention Non-Profits and Charities

Non-profits and charities may want to consider enrolling in our Charity Fundraising Program. In that program, we give you a Charity Code (like a discount code) to share with supporters. When a supporter makes a purchase in our online store using that Charity Code, the customer receives a free gift, and the charity receives 10 percent of the sale as a donation. Our Charity Fundraising Program is an easy, touchless and fun way to raise funds.

Examples of the John’s Crazy Socks Discount Program
  • A PTA is sponsoring at Crazy Socks Day at school and wants to encourage all students to wear crazy socks. We can give that PTA a discount code to give the students and their families
  • A company or an office decides to wear crazy socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. We can offer a discount code for all the employees in that office
  • Your organization has John and Mark speaking at an event. We can offer a discount code for all the attendees at the event
  • A podcast or a show has John and Mark join them as guests. We can offer a discount code for the audience as a way to support the podcast or show
How Does Our Discount Program Work?

If you lead a company, charity, organization or a group and you are encouraging employees, supporters or members to make a purchase at our online store, we may be able to offer you our Discount Program.

  • Start by sending an email to or call Carol at 631-760-5625
  • Tell us about your organization or event: How many members or employees? If the purchases are for an event, what is the event and how many people do you expect to participate?
  • How will you distribute the discount code?
  • How will you promote the purchase of socks?

Let’s get started now. Call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at


JCS Rewards Discount Code 10% - 15% and more...