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John’s Crazy Socks Introduces ACLD Fundraising Socks

John’s Crazy Socks Introduces ACLD Fundraising Socks  

John’s Crazy Socks has introduced a ACLD Sock in order to raise money for and recognize the good work of ACLD, also known as Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, Inc. The socks feature the ACLD logo against a blue background. John’s Crazy Socks donates $2 from the sale of each pair of socks to ACLD.

“We love ACLD,” says John Cronin, co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks, “and we are happy to make this sock for ACLD.”

A leaJohn with ACLD SOcksding Long Island non-profit, ACLD has a mission to provide opportunities for children and adults with autism, learning and developmental disabilities, to pursue enviable lives, increase their independence, and foster supportive relationships within the community.

“Our mission at John’s Crazy Socks, where we show what people with disabilities can do when given an opportunity, overlaps with the purpose of ACLD,” says Mark X. Cronin, co-founder with his son, John, of John’s Crazy Socks. “We serve as a test site for the field assessments that ACLD conducts with clients and we have hired people through ACLD.” John and Mark served as the Keynote Speakers at the ACLD Employment Recognition Breakfast on October 5, 2017.

Doreen Nobile, the Vocational Intake Coordinator for ACLD, says, “We love working with John’s Crazy Socks. They join our other business partners in showing that people with disabilities can make valuable contributions when given an opportunity.”

ACLD made a gift of the socks to attendees at their Employment Recognition Breakfast and their Annual Enviable Life Ball. “Our families, staff, and supporters loved the socks,” said Heather Rogoff Angstreich, the Special Events Coordinator for ACLD.

The ACLD Socks are available at John’s Crazy Socks, an online sock store with the widest selection of socks on the internet. They serve as a tribute to the good work performed by ACLD, and $2 from every pair sold goes to ACLD.

John’s Crazy Socks and their Charity Socks 

John’s Crazy Socks is committed to demonstrating what is possible for people of all abilities. The company also has a core value of giving back. It donates 5 percent of earnings to the Special Olympics and has a series of Awareness Socks. The Down Syndrome Awareness Socks raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society and ACDS. The Autism Awareness Socks raise money for Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America (Nassau/Suffolk Chapter). The Williams Syndrome Awareness Socks raise money for the Williams Syndrome Association.

John’s Crazy Socks also offers other charity socks that raise money for breast cancer research, the Special Olympics, and the Whaling Museum of Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Each month, the company publishes its Giving Back Report to let customers know about its charitable activities.

About John’s Crazy Socks

 John’s Crazy Socks was co-founded by the father/son team of Mark and John Cronin. John says, “We have a mission to spread happiness through socks.” They opened their online store on December 9, 2016, and have managed to grow the company rapidly.

Mark X. Cronin says, “We offer over 1,500 different socks that people can love: beautiful, colorful, fun and crazy socks that let people express their passions and personalities. We deliver the socks through fast and personal service and every package includes some candy and a thank you note from John.” The company ships world-wide, but John still makes personal local deliveries. John says, “I like to meet our customers and make them happy.”

John’s Crazy Socks has garnered media attention from Fox Business News,  ABC News, Money Magazine, Fox & Friends, The Mighty and Fox-5NY, among other media outlets.

About ACLD

ACLD is a leading not-for-profit agency on Long Island that proudly serves the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The ACLD mission is to provide the opportunity for children, teens and adults with disabilities to pursue enviable lives, to increase their independence and to improve their quality of life.

In 2016, ACLD’s commitment to a person-centered approach to ensuring people with autism, learning and other developmental disabilities can pursue enviable lives was brought to a new level as the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) awarded ACLD with a three-year National Accreditation. CQL is dedicated to raising the bar for organizations like ACLD in defining, measuring and improving the quality of life for all people. ACLD needed to meet CQL’s strict criteria and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to person-centered excellence.

You can learn more about John and John’s Crazy Socks at our website and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can subscribe to John’s videos on our YouTube channel. You can learn more about ACLD at their website or by contacting Gary Cucchi at (631) 756-7160 or


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