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Giving Back Report for November 2017

We started November with a bang when John and Mark made an appearance on Fox and Friends and continued as people shopped for Christmas presents and celebrated our Week of Gratitude.  As a result, in November, we raised $8,815 for our charity partners. 

Our Giving Pack Program

Giving Back is essential part of our business. It is no longer enough to sell a service or products, we all need to contribute to our communities. In our case, we have benefited from the support of so many people that it is only natural that we should give back to show our gratitude.

When we began our operations in December 2016, we pledged 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. John is a Special Olympics athlete and Mark as well as John’s two older brothers have all coached in the Special Olympics. We have seen the wonderful impact the Special Olympics has on all involved.

We have expanded our Giving Back Program by creating a series of Awareness and Charity Socks that raise money for our charity partners. Our Awareness Socks are our best-selling socks in part because our customers know that money spent on those socks will go to their favorite charities. Nothing makes us happier than to help raise money for our charity partners.

Our co-founder and inspiration, John Cronin, has set the direction for our Giving Back Program. John always wants to do for others. Since John has Down syndrome, we selected charities that work with the disabled or have a special connection to our organization or family. We thank each customer for their generosity in supporting our business and our charity partners. 

Giving Back – November 2017

This report covers sales and activities from November 1 through November 30, 2017.

Giving Back to the Special Olympics

We have pledged to give 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. In May, we introduced a Sock of the Month Cub and pledged five percent from all sales to the Special Olympics. We also carry Shark Socks and Polar Plunge Socks that raise money for the Special Olympics. 

November brought the start of the Polar Plunge season. John participated in the Brookhaven Township Polar Plunge, jumping in the frigid waters of the Long Island Sound to raise money for the Special Olympics. We donated $650 to support John’s efforts. 

In November, we avoided the frenetic and often annoying advertising associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead, we sponsored our Gratitude Week during which we gave back to our customers and the Special Olympics. For every order placed that week, we donated $1 to the Special Olympics. That initiative enabled us to raise $2,396. So in November, we raised the following for the Special Olympics: 


Money this Month

Donating 5 Percent of Our Earnings: We are yet to make a profit, but we will make a monthly contribution.


$2 from Every pair of Shark Socks.


$1 From every pair of Polar Plunge Socks


5% from our Sock of the Month Subscription


$1 from every order placed during Gratitude Week


Donation to support John’s Polar Plunge





Our Dedicated Charity Socks

We have created a series of Dedicated Charity Socks as part of our Giving Back Program. Money from the sale of each pair of socks goes to the dedicated charity. The most important of these socks are the Awareness Socks.

So how much did we give based on our November sales? 



Socks Sold

Money Generated

Autism Awareness Socks

Autism Society of America - Nassau/Suffolk Chapter and Autism Speaks



Down Syndrome Awareness Socks




Williams Syndrome Awareness Socks

Williams Syndrome Association



Law Syndrome Socks




Blue Whale Socks

Whaling Museum



Shark Socks

Special Olympics



ACLD Socks




Polar Plunge

Special Olympics



Breast Cancer Socks

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation



Ability Revolution Socks

Ability Revolution






We continue to work hard to grow our business so we can spread more happiness through socks. We work with our charity partners at every step of the way and we report on this activity to our customers who make it all possible. 

If you have questions or would like to comment on this report, please contact Mark X. Cronin at

As always, we thank our customers and supporters. We do this for you and without you, we would have nothing.


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