Kenny, Happiness Packer at John’s Crazy Socks


Kenny is our Happiness Packer at John’s Crazy Socks. His job is to ensure the accuracy of the orders that leave our facility and to ship them out. He also supervises the sock wranglers, receives inventory, and oversees work groups. Kenny has interviewed, trained, and hired ten new Sock Wranglers and four Happiness Packers to work for this holiday season. His favorite part of the job is the people. 

If you happen to be in the New York City area and would like a recommendation for a Broadway show, Kenny is the person to ask. For the tourist, these are must-see shows:Phantom of the Opera,Wicked,Lion King,Hamilton,Six, andMJ 

To say that Kenny is a big fan is an understatement. This Broadway obsession began when Kenny was seven years old and his aunt took him to seeBeauty and the Beast. His Dad encouraged this new-found interest by playing cast albums and taking him to seePeter Pan,Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, andWicked. Kenny was hooked. Now, he spends his free time watching plays and musicals. The shows that Kenny has seen again and again areWicked (21 times),Six (20 times),Waitress (18 times), andTina (11 times). 

Kenny also has a background in culinary arts. In his basics of cooking classes, he has learned about cooking methods, knife skills and how to create sauces. Some signature dishes that Kenny has created are Salisbury Steak and Chicken Francaise. 

According to Kenny, he has the collector gene. He loves to surround himself with things that make him happy: Funko Pops, shoes, and Broadway photobooks, programs, and playbills. He is very particular about which Funko Pops make the grade, but he does prefer Marvel and Disney characters.  

Kenny has worked at John’s Crazy Socks since 2018. He is one of our most valued employees and we love working with him – Funko Pops and all!