John’s Crazy Socks Introduces Services for Businesses

John’s Crazy Socks has introduced a series of services and products to support other businesses. These include making custom socks, offering bulk discounts, creating special gift packages and arranging speaking engagements. 

Co-founder Mark X. Cronin said, “For several years, we have worked with businesses large and small to meet their gift and promotional needs. Now we have put those services together to offer a comprehensive program for businesses. We are excited about our venture into the business-to-business (B-to-B) market. This becomes an important way for us to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can do.” 

John’s Crazy Socks has also introduced a similar set of services for non-profits

To learn more, you can click here, email us at or call 631-760-5625 and ask for Carol or Ginny and they will take care of you.  

B-to-B Companies

The business services offered by John’s Crazy Socks include: 

Custom Socks: We create awesome custom socks that businesses have used as gifts for employees, vendors or customers. Put your logo or favorite image on the socks. Recipients love them and wear them over and over. It is a gift that keeps giving. Many have given out custom socks at corporate events or conferences. Co-founder John Cronin said, “I love to see the smile on people’s faces when they open their custom socks.”

Customers with Socks

Concierge Services: Let us put together the perfect gift package for one person or 10,000.  We make gift bags for golf events, meetings, conferences, and dinners. For example, Google had us create 700 plus gift bags for a conference and those bags included a gift certificate allowing each recipient to pick out a pair of socks from our website. Why settle for the ordinary? Have John’s Crazy Socks create special gifts for you that people will love and remember.  We do the work; you look great. 

Bulk Purchases: Want socks for your whole office or all your customers?  Maybe you want to give a particular pair of socks for your conference. L’Oreal bought 300 pairs of socks so employees at their Kentucky office could celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. The business incubator, MassChallenge, ordered Tesla Socks to give every tech start up in their program. We can help pick just the right item or items and save you money.  We can make everyone happy. 

Custom Socks

Speaking Engagements: Businesses like Microsoft, EY, IBM, Bank of America and Campbells have retained John and Mark to speak at corporate events. They leave audiences smiling and wiping away tears as they share their inspirational story, entrepreneurial adventure and love between a father and son. You’ve seen them on TV, in the halls of Congress and at the United Nations. Recognized by EY as Entrepreneurs of the Year and hailed by Heartshare as Humanitarians, John and Mark will help you create a memorable event. We can also offer a screening of the documentary short, “Sock Guys,” that has won awards at film festivals across the U.S. John and Mark make perfect keynote speakers for your gala or conference. They can make your event special.

Speaking Engagement

Bundle our Business Services

Many businesses have bundled these services for greater impact. For example, Campbell Snacks created a custom sock that they gave out at a corporate event where John and Mark were the keynote speakers. Microsoft made a similar arrangement. Companies have made bulk purchases and arranged for special gift presentations of those services. And in a time when people may be working remotely, we can ship to each individual’s home.

John’s Crazy Socks is known for its customer service and personal connection with customers. That attention to detail and personal care has earned us loyal customers and over 27,000 5 -star reviews. We extend the same care and service to our B-to-B services.

Organizations love to work with John’s Crazy socks because when they do, they know they help John’s Crazy Socks hire people with differing abilities, give back and spread happiness.

Why wait? You want to learn more about how we can help your charity or non-profit, click here, email us at or call 631-760-5625 and ask for Carol or Ginny and they will take care of you.  Let’s spread some happiness.