Speaking Engagements with John and Mark Cronin

John and Mark X. Cronin Speaking Engagements

John and Mark speaking

 Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will stand out? 

  • You want a memorable talk.
  • You want a talk that inspires and entertains, a talk with humor and insights.
  • You want speakers that the audience looks forward to hearing.
  • You want to have people so happy they tell you “This was the best keynote speech I ever heard.”
  • You want people on their feet cheering when the speech ends.

John and Mark Cronin from John’s Crazy Socks are the Speakers You Want.

John Cronin is a young man with Down syndrome who co-founded John’s Crazy Socks with his Dad, Mark. In John’s Crazy Socks, the two have created a social enterprise that has both a mission to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can do.

John speaking with his arms out

John and Mark have enthralled and connected with audiences large and small across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  The make audiences laugh, cheer, think and sometimes shed a few tears. And they lead to a standing ovation when the two finish speaking. 

John and Mark will share how they started with a dream and built it into a business that not only earned $10 million in three years, but changes lives. They will share how a mission driven business connects them with customers, employees and the community. They will show how hiring people with differing abilities is not altruism, but good business. And how it is not enough to just sell stuff, how giving back is essential to their business. 

Keynote Speakers that Make a Difference

Every time this father son duo stands in front of an audience, they change the way people think about those with differing abilities and about their own lives. As one organizer wrote after hearing John and Mark, “You truly spread happiness to all who were in the room last night...”

They are the real deal. John and Mark have testified twice before the U.S. Congress, spoken at the United Nations and been named Entrepreneurs of the Year by EY.

John and Mark at the UN

When you engage John and Mark as speakers, this is what you get: 

  • John and Mark will customize the presentation for your audience. They make a personal connection.
  • John and Mark will use their extensive social media reach (220,00+ Facebook followers, 50,000+ Instagram followers) to promote your event. And they often attract media to cover the events where they speak
  • John and Mark show up early and will stay late to answer questions, meet with small groups and take pictures. People love to take their picture with John. 
  • They are organized, provide you the material you need in advance and make everything easy for you.

John and Mark are Recognizable from the Extensive Media Coverage They Have Received

You audience will say, “I saw them on TV.” John and Mark have been fortunate to receive extensive media coverage including: 

They have also received coverage on many local TV and print media outlets. And they have done cross-promotions with several corporations including Microsoft, Google and NASDAQ.  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella selected John as one of the ten people who inspired him most in 2018.

John and Mark on the Martha MacCallum Show

John’s Crazy Socks has built a substantial social media presence with a growing number of followers (220,000 FB, 50,000 FB). Viral videos about John and John’s Crazy Sock s have earned over 70 million views.

You may have heard how John and former President George HW. Bush became “sock buddies” and exchanged letters and socks. The former President tweeted out pictures of him wearing John’s socks and wore socks John sent him to honor his wife, Barbara Bush, at her funeral in April 2018. 

John and Mark Are Experienced Speakers

 John and Mark impressed audiences with a broad array of organizations: 

  • Corporations (e.g., Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Campbell Snacks, DealerTrack, etc.)
  • Conferences and organizations with people with differing abilities
  • Conferences and groups working with people with differing abilities
  • Business and entrepreneurial groups
  • Universities and schools, including serving as graduation speakers (Rutgers, Hofstra, Molloy College, Simon Fraser University, Carleton University)

They tailor their talk to the audience and the occasion. Their talks have included: 

  • Sharing the story of how they started John’s Crazy Socks. It is an inspiring tale of love, empowerment, and overcoming obstacles.
  •  Sharing the story about the social enterprise they have built and how the social and business missions support each other.
  • Sharing insights into the unified workplace they have created where people with differing abilities work side-by-side with people neuro-typicals and the benefits of this approach.
  • Speaking to the importance of building a mission-driven organization and creating a strong organizational culture.
  • Sharing their entrepreneurial journey and insights on how to create success.

John speaking

Hear What Others Have Said about John and Mark’s Presentations

Organizers and audiences have been very happy with the talks given by John and Mark. They typically receive a standing ovation at the end of their talks. Many of their speaking engagements have resulted from an audience member hiring them for a new event. These are some of the feedback that organizers have received from the audience: 

  • I have been coming to these meetings for fifteen years and this was by far the best talk I have ever heard.
  • Very inspiring!!! Loved John’s Crazy Socks!!!!
  • Thank You for an amazing session!
  • Everyone absolutely loved hearing your story and it truly made the day!!
  • I was crying after hearing John and Mark. I have never heard a pair that was so moving.
  • This is the type of keynote we should have all the time.
  • What a story! And they tell that story so well!
  • I love John and his Dad!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you

This the evaluation they received from the State Department: “Ranking of 5 (can we rank them at an 8 out of 5?). They were unbelievable. Mark is engaging and diplomatic when asked tough questions. John is confident and funny. They are polished presenters, focus on the message, and tailor it to various audiences.  They are a power team.”

Sara Hyatt from Microsoft wrote, “I just wanted to send you both the most heartfelt thanks for participating in our general session today. We have been met by so many people throughout the day that literally stopped us in halls and on the streets to tell us how touched and inspired they were by your presence. We have the highest rated general session out of 20+ sessions. Truly awesome and it is really because of you and John. 😊”

What the Speaking Engagement Entails

John and Mark will prepare a talk tailored specifically for your event and audience. They will speak with you in advance to ensure that they understand what you want to achieve and what issues you want them to address.

They can meet with you and your invited guests in advance of their talk. After their talk, they can meet with audience members and take photographs.

With your permission, we will share information about your event on our social media channels in advance and after the event. Again, with your permission, we can issue a press release about John and Mark’s appearance at your event and invite media coverage of the event.  


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Speaking Engagements with John and Mark Cronin