Bulk Orders

Sometimes one pair of socks won't do because you want 100 pair of socks. When you need a large number of socks, we can help with our Bulk Order program. We can help you pick the socks and make sure you get a good price. And we will make sure the socks are delivered quickly and with all the care and attention that we give to all our customers.

If you want to make a Bulk order, it is easy, just call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at service@johnscrazysocks.com.

Examples of Bulk Orders
  • L’Oreal ordered 700 pairs of socks for their employees at an office in Kentucky
  • A public school in Brooklyn ordered Autism Awareness socks for their students to wear at an event
  • Microsoft has placed multiple orders for large numbers of socks to give their employees and to distribute at conferences and meetings
  • Special Olympic organizations have ordered bulk socks to give to their supporters
  • MassChallenge, a business incubator, ordered socks for every participating company in their program
  • A Down syndrome advocacy group in Mississippi ordered socks for their members and supporters
  • Many charities have ordered socks to put in gift bags at their annual gala
  • Dealer Track ordered socks for an employee meeting
How Does Our Bulk Order Program Work?

We do everything we can to take care of you and make the bulk Order process easy for you. Our bulk Order program starts with an order of 50 or more socks.

  • Start by sending an email to service@johnscrazysocks.com or call Carol at 631-760-5625
  • Tell us what you want: How many pairs of socks? Which socks from our collection do you want? Unsure of what you want or maybe you want a mix of socks, we can help find just the right socks for you. Talk to us, we are glad to help
  • Tell us when you want the socks
  • Tell us where you want us to ship the socks. We can ship them all to one place like your office. If you want to send them to people’s homes or individual offices, we can do that too. And we can arrange special packaging and add whatever note or information that you want

If you want Custom Socks with your logo or images on them, we’ve got you covered. Click here for info on our Custom Socks.

We will do all the leg work and make this easy for you. Don’t wait, get started now. Call 631-760-5625 and ask to speak to Carol or email us at service@johnscrazysocks.com.


Bulk Orders