John and His Mom Make a Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Come Sunday morning, John and his Mom often start the day by walking to the Farmer’s Market in Huntington Village. It’s a relaxing way to start the day and John loves getting fresh vegetables and meats to eat during the week. 

John picking out corn at the Farmer's Market

“I love going to the Farmer’s Market,” said John, the co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks. “I like to listen to the vendors talk about their businesses. They are entrepreneurs, just like me.” 

John added, “I am eating healthy, so it is good to get fresh, local items from the Farmer’s Market.” 

John's Mom at the Farmer's Market

Asked what he bought on his current trip John said, “We bought vegetables for salads and I picked out a meal for tonight of perogies and bratwurst. We got the meat from a local butcher and the pierogies from a stand selling pasta. All of it comes from Long Island.” 

John with the Big Cheese at the Farmer's Market

John spent some time with the Big Cheese at his cheese tent, tasting different cheese samples.  And John and his Mom bought some fresh eggs because his Mom loves to make breakfast for the family. “My Mom makes the most delicious scrambled eggs you have ever had,” said John. 

“I have my own business and I know how hard we work to take care of our customers, so I like talking to other business people and buying from them.” 

Sign for the Hutington Farmer's Market

When was the last time you visited a farmer’s market? 

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