Star Wars Day Celebrate May The 4th In Style

Are you a Star Wars Fan? Celebrate your favorite fandom on Star Wars Day or as fans like to call it May the Fourth be with you. How does a sock company celebrate Star Wars Day? By wearing crazy socks of course. Check out some of the best socks to wear during this Celebration. 

Darth Vader Star Wars READ socks

Darth Vader
The force is strong with you. Don't deny the power of reading and join the dark side with this Star Wars-themed socks. Weather you are battling on Hoth or relaxing on Tatooine, these socks were made with the force in mind.
Wear one of the best Villain's ever on your feet today!

Yoda Star Wars READ socks

Read - the Force is with you. Yoda says "Read you must in order to away stay from the Dark Side." Grab a good book and read while relaxing on the Dagobah system.  

Yoda 40th Men's Crew Sock 


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, this is Stance's modern take on the old school trading cards that accompanied the film's original release back in 1980. We've got a good feeling about this one.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made, (do not argue me on this fact) buy you must our Yoda 40th Men's Crew Socks.  Enjoy these as you introduce the next generation to the treasure that is Star Wars.   


May The Course Be With You Men's Crew Socks

The course is strong with this one. If you are a lover of Star Wars and golf, then you need a pair of these socks. This pair is well-suited for tee-off and beyond.