Sock Of The Month Club Reviews | Why Customers Love This Subscription Service

5 Star Review : "Sock of the Month -I gave a six month Sock of the Month Club membership to my sister for Christmas. She received her first shipment and loved it! Thank you!" - Margaret Brown

5 Star Review: "Sock of the month club! - I love being part of the sock of the month club! It is very affordable and the socks have all been great! It’s fun to open a surprise every month to find out what cute socks John has picked out for the month! It is something I look forward to receiving every month." - Allison 

5 Star Review: "Great a great sock and support a great cause - They have so many different and cool designs to choose from, and the socks fit great!! Why wear the same old dull black or blue socks with your suit and casual wear when you can change it up and make a statement with these unique designs! They even have a “sock of the month” club, but the best part is you get a personalized thank you card from John himself and an extra treat, candy with every order!!" - Jayson

5 Star Review: "I can't get enough of John's Crazy Socks -I love, love, love, John's Crazy Socks. Their mission statement and the way they conduct business is second-to-none. The socks themselves are high-quality and I love the surprise of every month's design for the sock of the month; you never know what you're going to get! I just renewed for my second year and I love it so much, I've even given subscriptions as gifts." - Kerry

5 Star Review : "Sock of the month -I bought these for my daughter for her 21st birthday. She loves the socks and the mission of company. What an amazing company! I will be back to buy more! " - Kenzie

5 Star Review : "Sock of the month club -I am so excited each month to receive my pair of socks! I have gotten 2 so far and am ready for the next! Each pair is great quality and very comfortable! Thank you for a wonderful product! I watch every video of John and his dad. They remind me there IS good in this world. Just pause and look. Johns amazing smile is proof!" - Kim

5 Star Review : "Most raves about gift I’ve ever given! - My nephew LOVES crazy socks, and mostly his John’s Crazy Socks. This is the second time I’ve gifted him The Sock of the Month for his birthday and he loves getting his socks every month!!!- Shauna-Lea

5 Star Review : "For the love of socks - I have purchased many socks and I am a sock of the month member. I have loved every pair that I’ve received. They are comfortable and fun and each package comes with a hand written note and Candy! And I can feel that they are picked and packed with love❤️ Best wishes always"  - Virna

 5 Star Review : " sock of the month club! -  They arrived in good time/shape! They were very comfy and cute. I love the fact that they were fall themed, since it is supposed to be fall. I can't wait for the next shipment!" - Kim

5 Star Review : "Wonderful and Fun Socks - I love my first pair of socks from my Sock of the Month Club! Plus I love being a part of something bigger than myself. You can probably find a decent pair of socks somewhere else, but you can't get anything like your socks and your giving back to the Special Olympics. Plus I LOVE the Skittles!!"