Meet A Happy Employee at John’s Crazy Socks – Chelsie Marie - Johns Crazy Socks

Meet A Happy Employee at John’s Crazy Socks – Chelsie Marie


Chelsie Marie, known to her friends as Chelsie, works several jobs here at John’s Crazy Socks. She is a Sock Wrangler who picks customer orders in the warehouse and can step-in as a Happiness Packer to assist in shipping orders when needed. When our Chief Happiness Officer, John Cronin, taught her how to gift wrap orders, Chelsie also became a talented gift wrapper. 


This creativity comes as no surprise to those of us who know Chelsie. Just look at her artwork. Chelsie is a self-taught illustrator who enjoys drawing portraits of people with differing abilities.  But her real passion is illustrating silent films stars of the 1920’s. A huge fan of the ‘Silent Sunday Nights’ program on the Turner Classic Movies channel, Chelsie loves to draw the actor Harold Lloyd from the 1923 movie Safety Last. Other famous film stars such as Judy Garland, Charlie Chaplin, and Marion Davies also grace the pages of Chelsie’s sketch book. 


Chelsie is a proud Brooklyn native, currently living in a residential program in Farmingdale. She first visited John’s Crazy Socks as part of the work experience program. Her group from ACLD gained work experience by assembling gift boxes. After some assistance creating a resume, Chelsie wrote a heartfelt cover letter to John, expressing her interest in our mission and applied to an open position as a Sock Wrangler. After a job assessment and a short interview, Chelsie was hired and has been a valuable employee ever since.  


Every day, Chelsie shows what's possible when you give a person with a differing ability a chance. 


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