20 Back To School Gifts | Teacher Appreciation Socks

School is almost back. Teachers love crazy socks! Why not grab a couple pairs of  Teacher Appreciation Socks!
1.Teacher's Pet - Crew Socks 

Books, Pencils, and Rulers are a teacher must haves! What better way to show you are a fan of school then by wearing these Teacher’s Pet Socks on your feet!



2.Women's Pencils Crew Socks

These fun and cozy socks are a great gift idea for the favorite note taker in your life! Also great for Back to School!  Our Women's Pencils Crew Socks are black socks with pencils all over - perfect for Teacher gifts or for the person that refuses a mechanical pencil and still loves to sharpen a good ol' No 2 pencil. 



3.Math Socks

It doesn't take a mathematician to see the genius in our Math Socks! With a little geometry, calculus, and physics, these equation-laden socks have something for every math lover! Math Socks come in black with red detailing and green with black detailing. Get black for your classic, understated mathematically-minded friend. Get green for the guy with a little more pizzazz. Get both for the multidimensional mathematician in your life.  Some say that mathematics is the foundation of all knowledge. Socks are the foundation of a great outfit. Do the math! 


4.Teach Love Inspire Women's Crew Socks

You'll be bringin' in the style and your love for teachers with these Teach Love Inspire Women's Crew Socks. 

Teachers do more than just teach, they truly inspire us!  There is a special place in the world for educators. 


5.Laboratory Socks Men’s Crew Sock

Calling all science teachers, attention all chemistry professors, shout out to all you science nerds, are you looking for a great sock that represents your profession, your hobby, your passion? Introducing the Laboratory Men's Crew Sock! Perfect for any mad scientist!

And here's the coolest part - these are glow in the dark socks!


6.Pencil Women's Knee High Socks

These fun and cozy socks are a great gift idea for the favorite note taker in your life! What better way to show you are a fan of school then by wearing these Pencil Women's Knee High Socks on your feet!


7.Teaching Heart Socks

Teaching is a labor of love, Teaching Heart Socks are a great way to remind everyone else. These beautiful socks have a heart shaped apple and say "Teaching Is A Work Of Heart." 

These are a beautiful gift for that special teacher in your life.


8.Equations Socks Men’s Crew Sock

Equations Socks Men’s Crew Sock are perfect for anyone who loves math. Perfect as a teacher's gift or back to school for a college student. 


9.Shakespeare Sonnet Men's Crew Sock

To wear Shakespeare Sonnet Men's Crew Socks, or not to wear Shakespeare Sonnet Men's Crew Socks: that is the question. This is, of course, a silly question, for there beeth not a time in which thou would not weareth thine Shakespeare Sonnet Men's Crew Socks. The perfect gift for an English teacher or a literary lover curling up with a good book!


10.Chemistry Socks 

Madam Curie, where are you? We have Chemistry Socks to honor the women who love chemistry. It could be chemistry in the lab – working with microscopes and vials – or chemistry of the heart. Either way, you’ll love these Chemistry Socks. They’re fun, good looking and comfortable. What else more could you ask of a pair of socks?


11.Pencil and Paper Sock

They may be mismatched, but they go together perfectly.  You always need one with the other, so why not show off in our Pencil and Paper Men's Crew Socks


12.Book Your Adventure Women's Crew Sock

This is the message you've been waiting for.  Go ahead and Book Your Adventure Women's Crew Socks.    

Does the feeling of being outside, ready to take on your next adventure truly get you going? These socks are perfect for you or your favorite literary adventurer!



13.Study Buddies Women's Crew Socks

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ –Albert Einstein

If there is any advise I can pass on it is to never stop learning.  It is one of the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  Our Study Buddies Women's Crew Socksare the perfect gift to the study group, lab partner or anyone that keeps you from failing that Stat Exam (Thank you, Adrian). 

Globes, pencils, glue, scissors, and markers - everything you need for a proper study session!


14.Apples Women's Crew Socks

Distinctive colorful apple pattern knit to savor in all the joy. Skip around in the comfort of these fruitful novelty socks.


15.Love Stories Women's Crew Socks

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but no one can doubt the loveliness of our Love Stories Women's Crew SocksThe Love Stories Women's Crew Socks look just as sweet as the story they tell! The story of love is one as old as time. You fall in love and suddenly life is fresh and new. The air is sweet, flowers are bright and every step is exciting, no matter how old you are.These mugs perched atop a stack of books make me smile!

15.Super Teacher Crew Socks

These fun and cozy socks are a great gift idea for the favorite note taker in your life! Also great for Back to School! 

There's a special place for great teachers.  Gift your favorite with our Super Teacher Crew Socks.


16.Genius at Work Socks 

You may have never been able to remember the quadratic functions and how to graph them in high school, but with these Genius at Work Socks, they will be forever available on your feet.


17.Book Nerd Socks Crew Socks

Now you can show off that you are indeed a book nerd. Join the revolution. Nerds are great. Slip these socks on, kick your feet up, and let everyone know that they have a BOOK NERD in the house! These are also a great gift for fellow members of your book club!


18.Art Supplies Women's Crew Sock

“Everything you can imagine is real.”― Pablo Picasso.

Gift the artist in your life with our Art Supplies Women's Crew Sockto show them you believe in your craft. 

These are great for you or your favorite artist friend. Art socks, after all, are the most important tool in a painter's palette.


19.The Very Hungry Caterpillar Socks

“He built a small house, called a cocoon, around himself. He stayed inside for more than two weeks. Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon, pushed his way out and... “


20.Library Card Socks

Time to "check out" these Library Card Socks!