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15 Girls Back to School Socks | Colorful Socks



It's that time again! School is back and everyone is shopping for back to school outfits. Need help? Get your daughter back to school ready with an awesome new pair of socks.

1.Harlow's Rainbow Hearts Ankle Socks

These awesome rainbow heart socks are the perfect addition to your sneaker routine!

Cozy, soft, and will bring a smile to your face every time you pull them out of your sock drawer!  

2.Micah's Lollipops Ankle Socks

These lollipops look good enough to eat! These supersoft ankle socks are just the addition you need for your sock drawer! 

3.Panda Anything Junior Knee High Socks

Cute and sassy, our over-the-knee Panda Anything Junior Knee High Socks are perfect for lovers of these adorable animals.

4.Donut Kid's Crew Socks

Share the love of all things sweet with these Donut Kid's Crew Socks. These adorable socks feature the classic sugary treat frosted with pink icing and sprinkles floating on a light blue background. These are a perfect fashion [and culinary] statement! 

5.Sparkle Party Crew Sock 3 Pack

Your child is not afraid to sparkle and shine.  Our Sparkle Party Crew Sock 3 Pack proves that between the stars, the rainbows and the unicorn they love to stand out.  These show that you can always add a little flair to any outfit.  

6.Emoji Children's Crew Sock 

Does you child talk in emojis?  Do you have to decipher every text by interpreting the meaning of these crazy symbols? Or do they love grabbing your phone and playing with the emojis? Then, these Emoji Socks are perfect for him or her.  Covered with colorful emojis, these grey socks match any outfit.  Pick up a pair today.


7.Mermaid Cat Kids Crew Sock

The perfect Spring socks! Is it a mermaid? A cat? A Mer-Cat?

Our Mermaid Cat Kids Crew Socks are great to wear everyday! Love cats? Love mermaids? Then you need these amazing socks!


8.Glow In The Dark Stars Children's Crew Socks

These awesome Glow In The Dark Stars Children's Crew Socks really glow in the dark! Stars large and small float against a dark sky background. The design captures the magic of a starlit night sky and paints it onto your socks. Expose these socks to light and in the dark the stars will glow. It’s a bit of sock craftsmen magic.

9.Ice Cream Children's Crew Socks


Summer means Ice Cream and that means an ice cream cone in classic chocolate or vanilla. 

10.Happily Ever After Crew Sock 3 Pack

"It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis.” 

Embrace your child imagination with our Happily Ever After Crew Sock 3 Pack.  Kids love a good princess story. The dream of the princess slaying the dragon and saving themselves is my favorite version of Happily Ever After.    

11.Unicorn Mermaid Socks Children's Crew Sock 

Who doesn't love magical creatures? Two of every kid's favorite magical creatures are mermaids and unicorns!  We combine these two into one amazing sock.

These Unicorn Mermaid Crew Socks are too adorable not to have! Featuring a fairy tale beach scene with unicorn mermaids, these fanciful dress socks are the perfect addition to any child's wardrobe. 

12.Unicorn Kid's Crew Socks

If an adult is called a unicorn, shouldn't its babies be called puny-corns?  😂.  Treat your young one with our Unicorn Kid's Crew Socks. These sweet and cozy socks are a great dad joke starting point. 

13.Rosebuddies Kid's Crew Sock

That alluring scent and lovely petals of roses.  Always give flowers when you can, and what better way than in our Rosebuddies Kid's Crew Socks These sweet, cozy, floral socks come in three sizes for your beloved children. 

14.Mermaid Kids Crew Sock

The perfect Spring socks! Our Mermaid Kids Crew Socks  are the perfect addition for your awesome mermaid-obsessed kid!

15.United We Shine Youth Crew Socks

Who runs the world?  Girls!

Show your support by getting your young one a pair of United We Shine Youth Crew Socks. Let everyone know that GIRL POWER is real! 

These light pink socks shimmer and have lightening bolts to let you know how powerful girl power can be!


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