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July 14, 2017

We have a mission to spread happiness through socks so we put together a list of seven ways we can help bring you a smile this summer:

  1. Hug a friend just because. I love giving out hugs.
  2. Find socks that let you be you. That always makes me smile.
  3. Give socks to a friend because that will make you both smile.
  4. Find socks that add some fun to your outfits. It’s summer so brighten things up. Have fun with your socks.
  5. Smile at the surprise you will get from our Monday Madness Mystery Bag – only available on Mondays. I’m picking out the socks for this Monday’s Mystery Bag
  6. Smile because buying our socks means raising money for the Special Olympics.
  7. Smile because you are you. Just being who we are makes us all smile.

I hope you’re having a good summer and I hope you love the socks.

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