40 Most Popular Socks - Holiday Gift Ideas For 2022

If you are looking for the most popular gifts this holiday season? Let John's Crazy socks help. We have rounded up some of our best-selling crazy socks.



1. Bad Sheep Crew Sock

Don't feel badly if you're the black sheep of your family. Take pride in being different! Let everyone know you're a BAAAAAAAA-D sheep when you wear these socks. 

2.Monster Party Crew Sock

Do you love to party? Do you love to have such a big party that everyone calls it a MONSTER PARTY?

Throw the ultimate rager in these awesome and fun Monster Party Crew Socks! They're a great birthday gift or just to make someone smile.

3.More Joe Crew Socks

If one cup of coffee or tea is not enough to start your day, then let me introduce you to your newest favorite socks, the More Joe Crew Socks. 

Wear your More Joe Crew Socks to work to dress up your professional attire or casually at home while relaxing your tired feet. Great gift for the extreme coffee or sock lover in your life!

4.Bicycles Crew Socks

Get ready to wear these cycling socks on your next big adventure. Everyone will love seeing these bike-themed socks on the course. The colorful bike designs will surely make everyone smile!

This is a comfortable style that can pair with any outfit! Just be warned these socks might cause you to burst out in song singing "Bicycle Race" by Queen.


5.Winter Bird Watch Crew Sock

These awesome cardinal socks bring a sense of peace when you look at them. The beautiful red cardinal, perched upon an evergreen branch, surrounded by gently falling snow. 

They are perfect bird lover socks, or for anyone who truly enjoys looking out the window and catching a surprise glimpse of a red cardinal.


6.Book Shelf Crew Socks

Some may call you a bookworm. Some may call out, "Hey! Get your nose out of that book!" But you can't stop. Reading is one of the easiest ways to travel the world without leaving your cozy book nook. Get these for yourself, a book club gift, or for a teacher.


7.Patriotic Stars Crew Sock

Patriotic Socks are so in this season. Let all your friends know that freedom is the only way with your Patriotic Stars socks. Wear them to concerts or summer barbecues, and they will be a hit wherever you go. When anyone asks, say you're got your pair of socks from John's Crazy Socks!

8.Rubber Duckies Crew Socks

What fun to wear these Rubber Ducks Socks. You can daydream about your childhood bathtub adventures with your Rubber Ducks or, if you still have those ducks in your tub, daydream about your morning bath!

9.Mismatched Chess Crew Socks

Our Mismatched Chess Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.Why, you may ask?Because each sock is different! One sock has a chessboard and the other sock has chess pieces. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...a chessboard and chess pieces!  Love the Queen's Gambit? Me, too! This is a great gift for the chess lover in your life!Anyway, you need a way to demonstrate your fondness for this amazing duo and why not on your feet?!  Just be sure to be ready for compliments!

10.Sunday Funday Football Socks

These Sunday Funday Socks might give your favorite football team some good luck.  So sit back on your couch or brave the excitement at the Stadium with a pair of Sunday Funday Socks. 

This is John's Crazy Sock's unique design that everybody can enjoy - it comes in men's, women's, and children's sizes!

11.Guitar Socks 

Strum some strings with Guitar Socks! These awesome socks feature a classic acoustic style guitar on a clean black background. What more could you want?  

12.It’s BBQ Time Crew Sock

Summer time is here and that means it's all about firing up the BBQ and get to grilling in our It’s BBQ Time Crew Socks

These socks will make the perfect gift for the unabashed carnivore who doesn't mind the world knowing that you like a slab of meat for dinner.  Available in both men's and women's sizes.

13.Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards

Our Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Socks transform a mundane sock-drawer into a magical one. Whether you’re muggle or magical, Gryffindor house or Slytherin, these socks are sure to lend you an aura of elegance and enchantment while reading and crafting spells. That, and they make for a pretty good midnight broom-ride over the Forbidden Forest.

14.Mismatched Hamburger Hot Dog Crew Socks

Our Mismatched Hamburger and Hot Dog Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.

Why, you may ask? Because each sock is different! One sock has hamburgers and the other sock has hot dogs. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...hamburgers and hot dogs! 

15.Shark Attack Socks

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun! SHARK ATTACK SOCKS!

Channel the legendary jaws with these Shark Attack Socks! These terrifying creatures of the deep command the respect of all those who tread the oceans, even if their danger to humans is greatly exaggerated. In fact, you’re exponentially more likely to be injured driving through an intersection, walking under a coconut tree or being hit by a stray champagne cork than by a shark attack (stray champagne corks are responsible for 24 deaths a year, sharks average about 19! Shark Attack Socks are responsible for 0 so far!).


16.Pride Splash Men's Crew Socks

Wear these beautiful rainbow colored socks with pride! These beautiful socks are exclusive to John's Crazy Socks and can't be found anywhere else! Rock these socks with pride! 


17.Elephant Love Women's Crew Sock

Fun fact: Elephants are sociable, romantic, and are very emotional! They cuddle and touch each other, and entwine their trunks to show their love. Their love lasts a lifetime. Show someone that your love for them is unforgettable with these awesome socks!Available in yellow or black, our Elephant Love Women's Crew Sock is the sweetest thing.


18.Stars & Stripes 3 Pack Liner Socks

Three cheers for these men's liners socks. The Stars & Stripes 3 Pack liner is the perfect low cut sock for anyone who likes to keep their sock game on the down low.


19.Abraham Lincoln Socks Men's Crew Sock

Wear these Abraham Lincoln Socks Men's Crew Sock to honor the historic 16th President of the United States.


20.Old Fart Unisex Crew Sock

Old fart, formerly known as stud muffin.  You'll keep them laughing with these Old Fart Unisex Crew Socks.  We all know we love our old farts. These are a perfect birthday gift, too!


21.Down Syndrome Caped Superhero Girl Crew Sock

Fly across the living room in our Down Syndrome Caped Superhero Girl Crew Socks.  Make it a family affair with one for everyone. 


22.Dog Dad Men's Crew Socks

Are you a regular Dad? Or are you a DOG DAD? Wear these socks with pride to let everyone know who your REAL favorite child is!
23.Potty Party Men's Crew Sock

If nothing else, these Potty Party Men's Crew Socks will spark a conversation with anyone that sees them on your feet. Toilet plunger, poop emoji, and toilet paper. All the accessories for a funny sock!


24.Cupid Women's Crew Sock

Fall in love with these Cupid Women's Socks are perfect for you. Cupid's arrow is ready and waiting for you.  Just look at our Cupid Women's Crew Socks as a sign that it will happen before you know it. 



25.Kiss Emoji Men's Crew Sock

These Kiss Emoji Men's Crew Socks are perfect for you.  😘 Playful and fun, these Kiss Emoji Men's Crew Socks are a great gift for yourself or for the lips you cannot wait to kiss. Whether they’re a token of love or just for fun, they’re sure to be a hit.  


26.Time For a Good Book Women's Crew Sock

Can't get enough books? Do you find yourself saying:

"Just one more chapter, and then I'll put it down..."

"Reading just puts my mind at ease..."

"So many books, so little time..."

If so, these Time For a Good Book Women's Crew Socks are the socks for you or the book lover in your life.


27.Coffee Makes Me Poop Unisex Crew Sock

You love coffee, but does coffee run through you like a laxative?  Does it make you run, not walk to the bathroom? 

You may need our Coffee Makes Me Poop Unisex Crew Socks. These socks let your team know that you may be gone for 15-30 mins after that cup hits your system. 


28.Dinosaur Love Women's Crew Sock

You make my heart SAURRR.

The best dinosaur puns you can't tricera-top. What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up? Try-try-try-ceratops!

29.USA Mismatched Flag Socks

If you could wear a flag poncho to work, you would, but you can't, so you wear Flag Socks instead. With one foot stars and one foot stripes, these Flag Socks are just a little different from your average patriotic foot flair. They're mismatched in a way that matches perfectly, just like the good ol' U.S. of A. 


30.Dad Jokes Socks

These socks honor all the Dads out there and the painful jokes they tell. As the sock says, "Ain't no bad joke like a Dad joke." You know, the ones that make you cringe at how bad they are, but you still laugh. John loves hearing his Dad's bad jokes.



31.Wine Scene Socks

Relax and unwind with our Wine Scene Socks.  These beautiful socks feature wine bottles and glasses of delicious red wine on a classic black background.


32.Cats Socks

Cats, cats and more cats! Have cats for days with Cats Socks! You're basically a cat now with Cats Socks!


33.Love Script Women's Crew Sock


These Love Script Women's Crew Socks are perfect for you.  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love is...


34.Bigfoot Men's Crew Sock

Big Foot is fine, or even Yeti.  My mother only calls me Sasquatch.  Wear our Bigfoot Men's Crew Socks to show that you believe in the unexplained.


35.Flamingo Socks

Close your eyes and imagine you're on a beach in the Caribbean sharing the scenery with a stately and beautiful flamingo. Gorgeous pink birds on a sky blue background. 

Open your eyes. No, we don’t have that beach for you, but we do have the next best thing! FlamingoSocks.


36.Busy Bees Socks Women's Crew Sock

Bees make everything grow! Flying from plant to plant, pollinating at will.  

Love bees? You'll love our Busy Bees Socks Women's Crew SockBeautiful bee socks flying on your feet.


37. Meds Crew Sock

These fun socks are ideal for any hard-working medical professional or the medical drama fan.  Pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals will love these!


38.Tapatio Men's Crew Sock

When you can't leave home without it.  You put it on everything.  The Tapatio Men's Crew Socks are a fun way to tell people you have hot sauce in your bag and you're not afraid to use it.  

You better have a glass of milk and a piece of bread on standby if you’re going to wear Tapatio Socks! These flaming hot sauce socks are taking the sock game to a whole new level.



39.Just Fishing Socks

Early to bed, early to rise. Fish all day, make up lies. If you love fishing or know someone who does, then these Just Fishing Socks are perfect for you. 

As far as gifts go, you cod not do better than these socks.Any fisherman in your life would dolpinitely be pleased with this catch. We're not squidding! So don't let salmon else beat you to it!
40.American Flag Socks 

God bless America, the land that we love and that loves our awesome American Flag Socks for Men!

What is better than a pair of socks that shows your support of this great country? That’s right, red, white, blue just like me and you.