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Shark Attack Socks Men’s Black Crew Sock

Color: Black
Size: Shoe Size 7-12

Shark Attack Socks

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun! SHARK ATTACK SOCKS!

Channel the legendary jaws with these Shark Attack Socks! These terrifying creatures of the deep command the respect of all those who tread the oceans, even if their danger to humans is greatly exaggerated. In fact, you’re exponentially more likely to be injured driving through an intersection, walking under a coconut tree or being hit by a stray champagne cork than by a shark attack (stray champagne corks are responsible for 24 deaths a year, sharks average about 19! Shark Attack Socks are responsible for 0 so far!).

Regardless, these socks will make the perfect gift for the cutthroat businessman, aggressive stockbroker or shark lover. While wearing your Shark Attack Socks everyone will know to keep an ear out for that jaws overture.

Style: Crew
Size: Sock size10-13 will fit a men's shoe size 7-12.5  | King Size fits shoe sizes 12 to 15
Sock Maker: Socksmith (Santa Cruz, California)
Materials: 70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra
Country of Origin: Imported


Shark Attack Socks