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Flamingo Socks - Crew Socks for Women

Product Description

Flamingo Socks

Close your eyes and imagine you're on a beach in the Caribbean sharing the scene with the stately and beautiful flamingo. Gorgeous pink birds on a sky blue background. 

Open your eyes. No, we don’t have that beach for you, but we do have the next best thing! Flamingo Socks.

These hip socks feature that beautiful bird. Flamingo Socks are the perfect sock to show off a world of personality in their simple design. While wearing your Flamingo Socks you’ll be telling the world: I can look beautiful and stand on one leg.

Style: Crew 
Sock size 9-11 will fit a women's shoe size 6-10
Sock Maker: SockSmith
Materials: 63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Spandex

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