15 Boys Back To School Socks For 2022

 Ready to go back to school? Check out our back to school socks selection for boys!

1.Piggy Bank Kid's Crew Socks

Help support your child's future and teach them the value of saving with these adorable Piggy Bank Kid's Crew Socks.  Just don't forget to add the piggybank.

2.Eggs and Bacon Kid's Crew Socks

Does your kid love eggs or bacon (or both?)  Well our Eggs and Bacon Kid's Crew Socks will be perfect for them. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...bacon and eggs! They're the basis for any delicious breakfast!

Anyway, you need a way to demonstrate your fondness for this amazing duo and why not on your feet?!  Just be sure to be ready for compliments!

3.Music Notes Kid's Crew Socks

Music Notes are on these socks. Complete with a G Clef and 1/8th notes. Get ready to play some great music when wearing these Music Notes Kid's Crew Socks.

4.Guitars Kids Crew Socks

Bring a little rock and roll style to your feet in your new Guitars Kids Crew Socks.  Why do your hands get to have all the guitar-playing fun? Now your feet can join on in! 

Great for the little music aficionado in the house.

5.Cereal Kids Crew Socks

Saturday morning cartoons weren't complete without a bowl of your favorite cereal.  Show some love of the best food with our Cereal Kids Crew Socks.

6.Sunday Funday Football Sock

Love Football? What's better than Sunday Funday? Nothing but Sunday Funday Socks, of course! You can watch your favorite football game on the couch with your friends and family while wearing these crazy socks. These Sunday Funday Socks might give your favorite football team some good luck.  So sit back on your couch or brave the excitement at the Stadium with a pair of Sunday Funday Sock.

7.Please Pasta Noodles Kids Crew Sock

A big pot of spaghetti and sauce works all the time. My mouth waters for Please Pasta Noodles Kids Crew Socks.  This was my favorite meal growing up! If your children are always willing to devour a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, this is for them!

8.Skateboarder Kid's Crew Socks

Does your child like to skateboard? Then, these Skateboarder Socks are perfect for him or her!  The grey background is dotted with images of a colorful skateboarder. 

Pick up a pair of Skateboarder Socks today!

9.Hockey Kid's Crew Socks

He shoots! He scores! 

Hockey, it's not just a game, it's a way of life. Shred some ice with our Hockey Kid's Crew Socks. Images of skates, helmets, the Stanley Cup, gloves, and of course the mighty hockey stick! 

10.Laboratory Youth Crew Socks

Do you know a child who loves science? Do they love spending their time pretending to be a chemistry expert all while wearing an over sized lab coat and protective goggles, and imagining to be the creator of a revolutionary new potion that once consumed will provide you with all the sweets in the world?


11.Basketball Kid's Crew Socks

Shoot hoops in style in Basketball Kid's Crew Socks. No article of clothing gives you the opportunity to show off your socks and kicks quite like basketball shorts. Just long enough to draw attention to your footwear, but still short enough to expose your socks. Perfect for the crazy sock lover, in my opinion!

12.Archeology Junior Crew Sock

Go on a dig in style with our Archeology Junior Crew Socks

With years of discovery under your belt, you've never seen anything quite like this: GLOWING triceratops bones! You and the crew gently unearth the remains of this massive beast and start moving outward from it until a bony, stegosaurus plate glows from under the dust.

13.Hide And Seek Crew Sock

Evade pursuit with our most tactical sock, the Hide And Seek Crew Socks. Great for that serious game of hide and seek, these camouflage socks allow you to dissolve unnoticed. Order a pair today and complete your outfit of invisibility. But will you ever be able to find these camo socks in your drawer?

14.Soccer Balls Kids Crew Sock

Wearing these Soccer Balls Kids Crew Socks, you know that there’s only one kind of futbol. You may play soccer. You may not. But one thing is for certain: you appreciate the sport. You know it’s not about the number of goals scored in a match but about the plays created therein. Soccer is all about suspense.


15.Good Sport Crew Sock 3 Pack 

The Good Sport Crew Sock 3 Pack makes the perfect gift for any sports loving child. Simple, stylish, and great for the kid on the go. These socks make great socks for crazy sock day or crazy sports day at school.  Featuring the multi-color assortment featuring football, soccer and baseball socks.