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19 Dinosaur Socks That Are Dino-Mite! | Funny Dino Socks

Do you know someone who loves all things Dino and prehistoric? So do we! Enter the Jurassic period with a crazy pair of socks below..

1.Taco-Saurus Knee High Socks

There’s a beast inside all of us, and it’s represented in our Taco-Saurus socks.  I was the Taco-Saurus. Were you there too? Let the world know that you and I are simpatico!

Review:I tried them on for a minute...I'm totally saving them for may 5th which is Cinco de mayo and it happens to fall on taco Tuesday! But they are sooooo cute and great material.

2.Happy You Exist Socks 

 Do you have an old fossil that you happen to love?  Forget the traditional - splurge on the Happy You Exist Socks!  These kissing dinosaurs form a heart and red hearts are scattered throughout the blue background.

Review: The socks were bought for my wife as part of an anniversary gift, she loves them! She has said so many nice things about your socks that I will be ordering some of my own, when I get home in September.


3.T Rex Socks 

Children's T Rex Socks will quiet the roar of your little dinosaur as he proudly shows off his super cool socks!

Review:We are very happy with our purchase. My son LOVES these and they arrived right on time. Thank you.
4.T-Rex Socks

It's a little known fact that these T-Rex Socks have been over 65 million years in the making. During the late Cretaceous period, there was much discussion in the Tyrannosaurus community about what could be done about their chilly feet. When the chilliest of nights arrived, the dinosaurs just couldn't keep their feet warm. They tried leaves, dirt, and plenty of other materials, but to no avail.

Review:I ordered items on a Friday, they were shipping on Friday and to me by Monday! Very impressive! I had a large order and it was 100% correct! Great place to do business and a great cause!
5.T-Rex Socks - Crew Socks for Men

Who cares if you have little arms.  You have a big mouth in our T-Rex Socks! Tyrannosaurus means tyrant lizard and rex means king.  So, in our T-Rex Socks you can be King of the Lizards [and a tyrant to boot, if you wish]!

 Review: My husband loves crazy socks and the t-rex ones are really great. He said they are comfy and fit well too.

6.Winosaurus Women's Knee High Socks

Back in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era 247 million years ago it was hard to find a good bottle of wine. These ancestors to the birds probably wandered into a fermented puree of prehistoric berry froth and quite by chance found the after effects to be somewhat odd but delightful. As T-Rex frolicking in a stuper, she bumped into a brontosaurus who was weirdly attracted yet understandably distant. Following the scent finds the frothy brew and that's how the Winosaurus myth was born.

Review: Great 

7.Raptor Socks

ROAR! Unleash your inner velociraptor with Raptor Socks. Also known as the speedy thief, this carnivore spread nightmares across the world during its appearance in Jurassic Park. Standing nearly seven feet tall, knowing how to open doors and stalking its prey through a dark room, there were few scenes that stressed movie-goers as much as watching the terrified faces while the raptor’s razor sharp claws pinged against the floor just off camera.


I am a girl, and I bought these socks for myself because I love dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park movies. These socks are a very good thickness and a great quality. I would highly recommend them.


8.Archeology Crew Socks - Glow In The Dark!

With years of discovery under your belt, you've never seen anything quite like this: GLOWING triceratops bones! You and the crew gently unearth the remains of this massive beast and start moving outward from it until a bony, stegosaurus plate glows from under the dust. More and more bones emerge from the depths of history and fill the site with a faint green light. What could cause such an anomaly? Did they glow before or after extinction? Will they stay this way in a museum environment? We don't have the answers yet, but we can say the special thread will keep these socks glowing for a long time and Paleontologists will really dig this sock—we can feel it in our bones.

Will be buying more for our Sons entire family. These are for our 44 year old Son that loves to wear crazy socks all the time even to work. Growing old is a given but growing up is an option

9.Dinosaur Socks 

Stomp around in style with Dinosaur Socks! With multicolored dinos, these prehistoric socks will make you the life of the party! Unless a meteor strikes! Too soon?

Review: My dinosaur socks are the greatest accessory I have to my bland wardrobe. I feel happy when I wear them and my co-works love them too. Now I want a John's Crazy Socks T-Shirt to round out the collection of socks I have from John's now. I own 12 pair but whose counting?


10.Dinosaur Days Men's Crew Sock

Stomp around in style with Dinosaur Days Men's Crew Socks

There is a land far away from us, where dinosaurs never went extinct. No, it’s not Jurassic Park. It is inhabited by many forms of dinosaurs that have survived for centuries and has continued to this very day.

Plus...these awesome socks glow in the dark!


Wow your socks fit your name. CRAZY. We had so much fun just looking at all the wonderful crazy socks for our 44 yo son for Christmas. I’m sure he will love these glow in the dark socks as well as his 4 yo Son, they both really loves Dinosaurs and crazy socks. Thanks and we will be back for more.

11.Skate Or Dinosaur Men's Crew Socks

Dinosaurs on skateboards? That’s how we roll. Talk about Bones Brigade, these future fossils have been around long before Peralta and Caballero. Better brace yourself when these beasts land an ollie, though. What they lack in grace, they make up for in mass and (really) old school cred.

12.Tex Rex Ride Men's Crew Sock

Who cares if you have little arms?  Your legs work and you're ready to ride in our Tex Rex Ride Men's Crew Socks

Tyrannosaurus means tyrant lizard and rex means king.  So, in our Tex Rex Ride Men's Crew Socks you can be King of the Lizards and fly through the sky, just like E.T.!


13.T Rex Men's 2 Pair Liner

Behold T Rex Men's 2 Pair Liner Socks, the most fearsome sock in our entire inventory.


14.Tacosaurus Socks

Unleash the taco beast with Tacosaurus Socks! Let everyone know that you're a taco-vour and only here to eat tacos.

Review:Like socks? Sure you do. Do you like dinosaurs? You betcha! How about tacos? Love me some tacos! How could you not love these Tacosurus socks. These are the second pair of socks I have bought from John's Crazy socks and I absolutely love them.

15.Brewed To A T Men's Crew Socks

Do you know someone who enjoys a cold refreshing bottle of beer after a long day? Well we have the perfect gift - the Brewed To A T Men's Crew Socks

These are for the man in your life that loves to craft his own beer, or appreciates the work that goes into crafting the perfect brew. This T Rex dinosaur would love to share that brew with you!

16.T Rex Men's Crew Socks

Unfortunately, the first socks weren't invented until the 8th century BC by the Ancient Greeks, which was roughly 64,999,200 years too late for the dinosaurs to enjoy. We decided to grab the torch, however, and create these T-Rex Men's Crew Socks in tribute to the cause. Sure, Tyrannosauruses are no longer around for us to present the socks to them. And maybe we don't have any in their size. Okay, and their arms may present a challenge for getting the socks on their feet. Hmm.

You make my heart SAURRR.

The best dinosaur puns you can't tricera-top. What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up? Try-try-try-ceratops!

These Dinosaur Love Women's Crew Socks are perfect for you.


18.Dinosaurs Women's Crew Socks

Jaunt into everyday with style and ease. These dinosaur socks impact charm and charisma while the casual crew silhouette ensures best-in-class comfort.


19.A Cup Of Ambition Men's Crew Sock

Believing in yourself is the most important thing you can do.  Our A Cup Of Ambition Men's Crew Socks are here to help you.

Saquatch riding the back of a dinosaur - I mean, if Bigfoot can do it, so can you!


Bonus Sock!: Ankle Biters Men's Liner Socks

Liners? Lowcuts? No Shows? Whatever you call them, they're the best socks for anyone who likes to keep their sock game on the down-low.

Wear our Ankle Biters Men's Liner Socks with sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers. These dinosaur themed socks are a must have for the crazy sock connoisseur!



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