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Mother's Day Gifts: Socks For Different Types Of Moms


4 Mother’s Day Socks For Different Types of Mom’s

Mother’s Day is approaching fast and John loves Mother’s Day because he loves his mom so much. You may think it’s too early to talk about gifts for mom but before you know it, it will be Mother’s Day. This day should be all about mom whether you are making a brunch or taking her to get a mani-pedi. We have a selection of socks for all different types of mother’s out there! We have dozens and dozens of socks just right for Mother’s Da so you can find the perfect gift for your mom. John and our staff picked out a few socks for mom that we want to share.  Get a pair for our Mom now.

For the Coffee Lovers:

(Love You A Latte)

The Love You A Latte socks is a favorite Mother’s Day gift in the office. Our very own sock wrangler, Thomas, picked out these socks for his Mom. Any caffeine loving mom will need a pair of these socks.  At $8.00, these socks would pair perfectly with a mug or coffee shop gift card. These socks are a great reminder of your mother’s favorite drink. So, whip up a warm cup of Joe for your mom today with the Love You a Latte socks.

(Yoga Girl Socks)

Namaste. These socks are perfect for the mom who loves being one with the environment. Available in three different colors: red, blue and grey, these peaceful socks are a best seller. At only $6.00 each you can choose one or all three of these Yoga Socks for your mother. The heavenly feel of these socks may give your mom inner peace. 

For the Floral Fanatic:

(Peonies Knee High Socks)

Most mother’s will receive flowers for Mother’s Day, but how many can say they received floral themed socks? One reason floral socks are better than real flowers is because they won’t wilt away and be placed in the trash after a couple of days. The adorable dragonfly & Peonies on these Knee-High Socks make these socks a yes for any floral loving mother. At only $12.00, these can be paired beautifully with any simple bouquet for mom.

For the Bookworm:

(Library Card Socks)

Who doesn’t love to read? Well it’s time for your mother to check out these library card socks. Super cozy and warm, every book reading mom deserves a pair. She can curl up on the couch with a nice cup of tea in these stylish socks to be prepared for a relaxing Mother’s Day. At only $11.00 these crew socks are a must.
These were just a small selection of the crazy socks we carry on our website. We can guarantee we have a pair of socks for every different type of mom. Happy Mother's Day from all of us at John's Crazy Socks. Be on the lookout for our Mother's Day gift boxes & bags coming soon.


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