John's Top Mother's Day Sock Picks for 2018

John's Top Mother's Day Sock Picks for 2018

Ah, another Mother's Day is headed our way on May 13th, and what's a boy to get the most special woman in the world? If you're the co-founder of, the answer is simple: socks, socks, and more socks. Socks make a perfect Mother's Day gift. They're stylish, warm and cozy, and with so many socks to choose from you are sure to find a pair of socks that represents your mom's own unique personality.

 But with an extensive collection of over 1900 socks, the question is: which socks do you choose? We asked the man, himself, sock-extraordinaire and entrepreneur, John Cronin, for his top five sock picks for his own mother (after all, he is a sock pickin' pro).

​1.) LIPS SOCKS -- CREW SOCKS FOR WOMEN: Kiss, kiss! These lip-smackin' socks are the perfect way to give mom a smooch...without her embarrassing you and asking in front of all of your friends. John picked these socks for his mom because he loves giving her kisses. "I love her, and I care for her very much! That's why I chose these lip socks."  Whether they’re a token of love or just for fun, Lips Socks are sure to be a hit with your special lady. Comes in red for the sassiest of women or grey for the demure. 




2.) KISS ME I'M IRISH SOCKS -- CREW SOCKS FOR WOMEN: Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. Kiss Me I’m Irish Socks? Not the most traditional sock choice for Mother's Day, but who doesn't like to celebrate their heritage? John personally chose these socks for his own mother because, quite simply, "She's Irish!" he proudly exclaimed. John has a special memory of his mom visiting Dublin to visit his grandma. Besides, who says you can only wear "Kiss Me I'm Irish Socks" on St. Patrick's Day? Nobody. That's who. No, really... There's no law about that, right?

Want to purchase these charming Celtic socks for the special lady in your life? Get Kiss Me I’m Irish Socks here.

3.) HEARTS SOCKS -- KNEE HIGH SOCKS FOR WOMEN: "I chose these socks because my mom loves hearts," said John. "She's in lovvvveee, and I love her." These Heart Socks are a great way to express your love for that special woman in your life. These socks go all the way up to your knees to keep you extra warm. They also make a great pair to wear on Valentine's Day or any day you wish to express your love on your feet for all to see. Announce your love to the world with these Hearts Knee High Socks.


5.) I LOVE MOM SOCKS -- CREW SOCKS FOR WOMEN: And last but certainly not least, the pinnacle of Mother's Day socks...the I Love Mom Socks. What better way to say I love you than it being written on her feet (so she never forgets)? John picked these socks because simply, "She's the best mom ever. I love her, and she loves me." Nothing gets in the way of a boy and the love he has for his mother. Instead of tattooing "I Love Mom" on your shoulder, chose the less permanent, softer way of expressing your love for mom (she'll appreciate it so much more).

Want to see more (of course you do)? Watch the video below to see John's Top 5 Sock Picks for Mother's Day.