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Love You a Latte Socks - Crew Socks for Women


Love You a Latte Socks

If your barista knows you by name, your favorite drink order involves a string of words that constitutes a paragraph, and you can’t imagine life without caffeine, our Love You a Latte socks are for you!

Think you’re a coffee scholar? See if you can define the following terms (it definitely helps to be wearing the Love You a Latte socks at the time that you take this quiz):

  1. Acidity    2. Blend    3. Cupping    4. Crema    5. Hard bean/ Soft bean


1. The often sharp characteristic of high-altitude grown coffee.

2. A mixture of 2 or more varietals of coffee.

3. When one discerns the differing qualities of the coffee: flavor, body, acidity, etc.

4. The foam that appears at the top of a shot of espresso, whose job it is to hold in the aromatics and flavors.

5. Hard beans are more dense, and therefore have more flavor, because they’re grown at higher altitudes. Soft beans mature quicker and are lighter and more porous. They are grown at relatively lower altitudes.

If you’ve answered one or more of these correctly, then it’s time to get yourself a pair of these Love You a Lattesocks!

Style: Crew 
 Fits women's shoe sizes 5 to 10.5
Sock Maker: Socksmith (Santa Cruz, California)
Materials: 63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% spandex.
Care: Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.
Country of Origin: Korea

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