John's Crazy Socks Giving Back Report for January 2017

John's Crazy Socks Giving Back Report for January 2017

Giving Back is an essential part of our mission and part of that process involves reporting to our customers and charity partners about this initiative.

Our Giving Pack Program

We have a mission to spread happiness through socks. One way we do that is by giving back financially. We do so by donating money we earn and collect to certain charitable organizations. There are many, many worthy charities and we cannot give to all of them. Our co-founder and inspiration, John Cronin, has Down syndrome, therefore, we selected charities that work with the disabled or have a special connection to our organization or family. We let everyone know about these choices and what money we will donate.

Giving Back – January 2017

Since we opened our online store on December 9, 2016, this first report will cover money donated based on sales for combined activity in December and January. Going forward, we will issue monthly reports.

Giving Back to the Special Olympics

We have pledged to give 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. While we have had a strong start and are growing rapidly, it is not surprising that as a start-up we have not yet turned a profit. Nonetheless, we feel it is important to contribute to the Special Olympics immediately. Therefore, we made an initial $500 contribution in the first week of January. We are sending an additional $100 check for our January sales.

We will contribute a minimum of $100 per month to the Special Olympics until we turn a profit. After we pass the break-even point, the amount we donate will increase. 

Our Dedicated Charity Socks

We currently have established some of our socks as Dedicated Charity Socks. A specific portion of each sale from each pair of these socks goes to a dedicated charity. We have four sets of these socks now and we expect to create more of these Dedicated Charity Socks: 


Charity Partner(s)

Amount Given Per Sock

Autism Awareness Socks

Autism Society of America – Nassau/Suffolk Chapter

$1 from an $8 Sock

Down Syndrome Awareness Socks



National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)

$2 from each pair of socks. The crew cost $12 and the knee high cost $15

Blue Whale Socks

Whaling Museum and Education Center of Cold Spring Harbor

$1 from an $8 Sock

Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

10 percent from a $6 sock ($0.60)


So how much did we give based on our December and January sales?




Socks Sold

Money Generated

Autism Awareness Socks

Autism Society of America - Nassau/Suffolk Chapter



Down Syndrome Awareness Socks




Blue Whale Socks

Whaling Museum



Breast Cancer Socks

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation




While this is a good start, we have a long way to go. We only started selling the Autism Awareness Socks and Down Syndrome Awareness Socks in the last week of January. So far this month, we have sold 265 of the Autism socks and 435 of the Down syndrome socks, so the donations to those causes will climb in March. As we grow our business, we will increase the donations to all of our charitable partners.   

The more we can do for others, the more happiness we can spread, and the better we will do. We will share that success by giving back. If you have questions or would like to comment on this report, please contact Mark X. Cronin at