John's Birthday Message

John here. Today is my birthday (February 11) and I am going to have the best birthday ever. Tonight, I am going to see Wicked on Broadway with my Mom (this is a Christmas gift from my Dad.) Tomorrow morning, I have a Special Olympic Snowshoe meet. I am so excited because my teammates and I have been training so hard.

Tomorrow night, I am going to dinner with my whole family: my brothers Patrick and Jamie, my sister-in-law Emily and my Mom and Dad. I picked the restaurant: Blue Smoke because I love their ribs and mac and cheese. Then, on Sunday, I am going to watch the Super Bowl with my Mom and Dad. We will make it a party.

My Dad says I am like a hobbit because I want to give gifts to other people on my birthday. You know I love the Special Olympics, so for every order we receive today, we are going to donate $1 to the Special Olympics.  We have a mission to spread happiness and the keys to happiness are gratitude and doing for others. I am so happy when I can support the Special Olympics because I appreciate all they do. 

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you love our socks. 

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