John’s Crazy Socks Recognized By Suffolk County Legislators for Outstanding Commitment to the Community

John’s Crazy Socks Recognized By Suffolk County Legislators for Outstanding Commitment to the Community

On the morning of Monday March 12, Suffolk County Legislators William ‘Doc’ Spencer (D) of the 18th Legislative District and Councilman Tom Donnelly (D) of the 17th Legislative District presented themselves at our company headquarters in Melville, N.Y., to recognize John’s Crazy Socks for its service to the people of Suffolk County and to laud its commitment to bettering the lives of people with disabilities.

“You’ve been able to have a dream and make it real,” said Legislator Spencer to a large group of our employees. “And now we’re here to give you a special proclamation.”

“We convey the sincere thanks, congratulations and wishes of Suffolk County legislators and the pride and appreciation of the citizens of Suffolk County or John’s Crazy Socks,” said Legislator Donnelly as he read from the proclamation. Then he continued:

John’s Crazy Socks is guided by one simple rule: treat people the way you want to be treated… and John’s Crazy Socks gives back to the community in many ways, most prominently through the donation of 5% of earnings to the Special Olympics.”

After the proclamation was bestowed to John’s Crazy Sock and affixed to the wall, Councilman Donnelly spoke a few more words of praise. “I’m proud to wear these socks today,” he said, hiking up his pantleg, “because I’m happy to represent what I think is right about our country.”

Legislator Spencer, in addition to his role as a civil servant, is the chief otolaryngologist at Huntington Hospital. In the spirit of the day’s patriotism and civic goodwill, John bequeathed Legislator Spencer a pair of our Medical Socks. “Wow, John,” he exclaimed, “these are cool. Thanks!”

The two legislators left John’s Crazy inspirited by what they saw; and our employees are delighted to hear that the work they do has sounded so many bells of recognition and praise.

John’s Crazy Socks is proud to have been recognized as a leader and a model for ethical businesses. As you know, we love providing you with a huge selection in socks; but our social mission is just as important to us as our commercial mission. We want to show you how people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities are just as valuable as any other member of society. This mission and our enterprise more generally are inextricably bound.

To the Suffolk County Legislature and to the citizens of Suffolk County we give thanks. Without your support and recognition we would not be in the business of Spreading Happiness and awareness. Thank you.