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John’s Crazy Socks Now Ships Socks to the United Kingdom

John’s Crazy Socks Now Ships Socks to the United Kingdom 

We heard you loud and clear all the way from the United Kingdom so John’s Crazy Socks is now shipping to the U.K. Customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can now order their favorite socks.

John’s Crazy Socks was co-founded by John Cronin, a 21-year-old man with Down syndrome. John said, “We’re on a mission to spread happiness through socks. Now we can send some happiness to the U.K. with every pair of socks we ship there.”

Word has spread fast about John’s Crazy Socks not only because of its great selection of socks and fast service, but because of John and the way he leads his business. Every order gets a thank you note from John and some sweets. As part of the mission to spread happiness, John’s Crazy Socks donates a portion of its proceeds to charity. Co-founder and John’s Dad, Mark X. Cronin explains, “John is very involved with the Special Olympics, so we donate five percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. We have also created a series of charity socks – such as our Down Syndrome Awareness Socks and our Autism Awareness Socks – that raise money for our charity partners.” The Company reports on its charitable donations each month in a Giving Back Report published at its website.  

Why the U.K.? Mark says, “People contacted us on Facebook and through emails telling us that they wanted to buy our socks. They kept asking for us to ship to the U.K.” Now customers throughout the U.K. can pick out their own socks from John’s Crazy Socks vast selection and have them shipped right to their door.

The Company made some test-runs, shipping packages to selected customers to make sure that everything worked right. “Our service is very important to us,” said Mark, “so we wanted to make sure there were no problems shipping to the U.K. We’re pleased to report that the packages were received on time and the first customers were very happy with their socks. “

Katy Hudson from West Yorkshire was one of the first to receive a package of John’s Crazy Socks in England. She shared her happiness with the socks on Facebook.  “Feeling very honoured to be the first U.K. customer!! The rainbow piano socks are perfect for me! Thank you”

John’s Crazy Socks opened for business on December 9, 2016 and has grown rapidly thanks to loyal followers sharing the word about the Company on social media. “We’ve gone international,” says John. John’s Crazy Socks now ships to the United Kingdom as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.  


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