John’s Crazy Socks Has Begun Shipping Socks to Ireland

John’s Crazy Socks Has Begun Shipping Socks to Ireland

John’s Crazy Socks has begun shipping to Ireland. Now customers throughout the Emerald Isle can pick socks they love and have them shipped directly to their door.

John’s Crazy Socks was co-founded by John Cronin, a 21-year-old man with Down syndrome. John has a strong Irish connection as his grandmother was born in County Clare, both of his parents have lived in Ireland and John cherishes his time in Ireland visiting family.  John said, “We’re spreading happiness through socks and now we can send our socks to Ireland.”

John’s Crazy Socks is the fastest growing sock company around. Word has spread not only about the fantastic selection of socks and the fast service, but about the special story behind John’s Crazy Socks. Founded by a father-son team, John’s Crazy Socks makes things personal with a thank you note in every order and some candy to show appreciation for our customers.

Part of spreading happiness, means the Company Gives back. Co-founder and John’s Dad, Mark X. Cronin explains, “John has been very active in the Special Olympics, so we donate five percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics. We have also created a series of charity socks – such as our Down Syndrome Awareness Socks and our Autism Awareness Socks – that raise money for our charity partners.” Each month, John’s Crazy Socks publishes a Giving Back Report to let customers know about the charity donations.

Why ship to Ireland? John says, “I kept hearing from cousins that we had to ship to Ireland.” Mark adds, “we heard from many people in social media that they wanted us to ship to Ireland.”  John explained that his grandmother was born in County Clare and moved to New York in the mid-1950’s. His mother lived in Dublin during her early teens and his father spent a year attending Trinity College, Dublin. “I love everything about Ireland and I am so happy people can buy our socks there.”

John’s Crazy Socks has grown rapidly since opening on December 9, 2016 thanks to an increasingly loyal following and word of mouth spread on social media. Money Magazine has featured John’s Crazy Socks as has The Mighty and Fox5-NY.  “We ship to all of the United States and now we’re shipping around the world,” says John. In addition to shipping to Ireland, John’s Crazy Socks now ships to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.