John’s Crazy Socks Donates $1,000 for Covid-19 Frontline Workers at Good Samaritan Hospital

John and Mark Cronin of John’s Crazy Socks presented a $998 check to the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center Foundation for their COVID-19 Relief Fund. This donation is part of the Giving Back Program at John’s Crazy Socks. 

“Giving this money to Good Samaritan makes me so happy,” said John Cronin, co-founder and inspiration for John’s Crazy Socks. “We are so grateful for the work that the staff, the nurses and the doctors do in helping people with the virus.”   

To celebrate and thank healthcare workers during the pandemic, John’s Crazy Socks created a line of Healthcare Superhero Socks. John’s Crazy Socks made the This Superhero Wears Scrubs Socks to celebrate the work done by our frontline health care workers. The company donates 10 percent from the sale of those socks to the Covid-19 Relief Fund at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in John’s home, Long Island.

John Donates Check to Good Sam

“We are so appreciative of John’s Crazy Socks for recognizing the work of our health care heroes while supporting the COVID-19 Crisis Response at Good Sam,” said Ruth E. Hennessey, President of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. “The Crisis Response Fund is helping us respond to this pandemic by supporting our efforts on every front as we work together to care for our patients in their hour of greatest need while also caring for our team on the frontlines.” 

John knows first-hand of the work and commitment from frontline workers during the pandemic. He contracted the COVID-19 virus and spent eight days in the hospital. Because John has Down syndrome, he faced a much greater risk with the virus: people with Down syndrome who contract the COVID-19 virus are five times more likely to require hospitalization and ten times more likely to die. John knows how much he depended on the care of so many health care works. The brilliant and compassionate care he received from so many doctors, nurses and staff helped him make a full recovery. 

John said, “We have a mission to spread happiness. Happiness comes from doing for others and gratitude. We appreciate the work of the staff at Good Samaritan and we want to do for them.” 

Mark X. Cronin, John’s co-founder and father, said, “John’s Crazy Socks is a social enterprise. Our social mission is just as important as our business mission and they are indivisible.  Giving back is an essential part of that mission. You can see by the smile on John’s face how happy we are to make this donation.” 

In addition to the This Superhero Wears Scrubs Socks, John’s Crazy Socks has also made Health Care Superhero Socks to benefit the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund 

About Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, a member of Catholic Health Services of Long Island, is a 537-bed (including 100 nursing home beds), not-for-profit hospital serving the communities on the south shore of Long Island in West Islip, New York. Good Samaritan’s high-quality medical services extend across the continuum of care to all disciplines, both for inpatients and outpatients. To learn more, you can visit their website and you can donate directly to the Covid-19 Relief Fund here.

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