John Cronin’s Six Favorite Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

John Cronin’s Six Favorite Socks for World Down Syndrome Day 

John here. World Down Syndrome Day is one of my favorite days of the yearIt is the day that we celebrate people with Down syndromepeople like me. It is a day to let the world know what people with Down syndrome can do 

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, people wear crazy socks. Why wear crazy socks on that dayI always say, “My socks let me be me.” Crazy socks show all the energy and creativity and happiness that people with Down syndrome bring to the world.  

I started John’s Crazy Socks because I love Crazy socks so much and I want to share my socks with the world. Did you know that I designed the world’s first Down Syndrome Sock? Back in 2017, my Dad and I went looking for a Down Syndrome Sock that we would sell in our store, but we could not find one. That’s when I said, we should make one. That made me so happy. 

We have more Down Syndrome Socks than anyone in the world. And all of them Give Back. We donate 10 percent form these socks to the National Down Syndrome Society and ACDS, a local group that runs schools and programs for people with Down syndrome. I went to pre-school at ACDS.  

Wo you want to join me and other people with Down syndrome and wear crazy socks for World Down Syndrome Day? Here are my favorite socks for World Down Syndrome Day 

Down Syndrome Superhero Socks 

I designed these socks and my friend President George H. W Bush wore these socks. I wear them and feel like a superhero. And they have my face on them. 

Down Syndrome Caped Superhero Socks 

These are our newest socks and they make me so happy. We took my Down Syndrome Superhero Socks and added a cape. These socks make you feel like you’re flying.  

Down Syndrome Awareness Socks 

These socks say 3 heart 21. They are the first socks I designed and I still love them.  

Rockin’ Down Syndrome Socks 

I love music. I love to sing and dance. These socks make me feel like I am rocking and rolling. They always put me in a good mood.  


Did you know that I hold a free Online Dance Party every Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m.? You could wear these socks and join me.


Yellow Down Syndrome Awareness Socks 

When I designed the first Down Syndrome Awareness Socks, they were purple or blue with yellow words. These socks are the opposite: they are yellow with blue words. I think they look great.  

By the way, blue and yellow re the colors for Down syndrome. 

Law Syndrome Socks 

I made these socks for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). We gave them to members of Congress. They say that the problem is not with people with Down syndrome, but laws that hold us back. I work to end Law Syndrome.   


I think you will love the socks. And when you buy socks and gifts from John’s Crazy Socks, you help us employ people with differing abilities, you help us Give Back, and most of all, you help us spread happiness.