John’s Crazy Socks Delivers Donation to The Special Olympics

John Cronin, co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks, delivered another donation to the Special Olympics. Based on fourth quarter 2020 sales, John handed a check of $2,892.92 to the Special Olympics. 

“I am a Special Olympic athlete,” said John, “and I love the Special Olympics.“   

John is a Special Olympic athlete

John participates in four sports: soccer, basketball, track and field and snowshoe. And he does all he can to support the Special Olympics. He serves on the Athlete Advisory Group for the Special Olympics and has done the Polar Plunge for six years in a row to help raise money for the organization. 

John throws the Javelin

John’s co-founder and father, Mark X. Cronin says, “Many of our colleagues are Special Olympic athletes and we’ve had coaches working here too, including myself. We love the Special Olympics and see how important it is in the lives of the athletes.” 

Mark explained, “We like to hire Special Olympic athletes because of what the program instills in the athletes. They learn teamwork, dedication and how to be coached. They learn how to work for a long term goal and how to compete. And they learn how to fail, get back up again and keep going. If John did not grow up competing in the Special Olympics, I do not think there would be a John’s Crazy Socks today.” 

John ‘s Crazy Socks donates five percent of its earnings to the Special Olympics. In addition, the Company donates money from specific products to support the Special Olympics: 

  • We donate 5 percent from the sale of our Sock of the Month Club to the Special Olympics.
  • We donate 10 percent from the sale of our Shark Socks to the Special Olympics. John designed these for his team, the Commack Sharks.
  • We donate 10 percent of our Polar Plunge Socks to the Special Olympics.

The donations to the Special Olympics are part of the Giving Back Program at John’s Crazy Socks:

Giving Back is an essential part of our mission at John’s Crazy Socks. Giving Back is baked into everything we do. The idea is simple: we do not believe it is enough to just sell things, we must give back. Giving back is a way of say thank you and expressing our gratitude. Giving back is a way to serve our community. Giving Back is an essential part of our social enterprise.

Donating to the Special Olympics


“When you buy from us,” says John, “you help us hire people with differing abilities and you help us Give Back. You are helping us spread happiness.

The Company publishes a monthly Giving Back Report to show its customers where the Company made donations and how much.

John says there are two important things in life: doing for others and gratitude. If you do for others and have gratitude, you will be happy. That is what our Giving Back program is all about.