Holiday Gift Guide For Foodies: 2022 - John's Crazy Socks

Holiday Gift Guide For Foodies: 2022

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your favorite foodie? We can help! Check out our delicious gift idea for your food fanatic or chef. Also, if you love to cook, we have a gift guide.

1.Mismatched Beer and Pretzel Crew Socks  $13.99

Our Mismatched Beer and Pretzel Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.

Why, you may ask?

Because each sock is different! One sock has pretzels and the other sock has beer. These socks go as great together guessed it...pretzels and beer!  

Anyway, you need a way to demonstrate your fondness for this amazing duo and why not on your feet?!  Just be sure to be ready for compliments! 

2.It’s BBQ Time Crew Sock $13.99

Summer time is here and that means it's all about firing up the BBQ and get to grilling in our It’s BBQ Time Crew Socks

These socks will make the perfect gift for the unabashed carnivore who doesn't mind the world knowing that you like a slab of meat for dinner.  Available in both men's and women's sizes.


3.Grilling Gift Bag For Him $24.99

Grill up! You love to fire up the BBQ and get grilling. Who said being a meathead was a bad thing? This gift bag comes with 2 pairs of grilling-themed crew socks. 


4.Breakfast Buddies Gift Bag For Him $24.99

Bacon, eggs, and coffee - the perfect breakfast! Get this funny gift bag for the guy who loves breakfast (or brunch!) and wants the world to know it.

This gift bag comes with 2 pairs of crew socks. 

5.Say No To Salad Oven Mitt $15.99

Our Say No To Salad Oven Mitt are perfect for safely handling hot meals, this oven mitt protects precious hands.

To be clear we don't really want you to say no to salads, but no good story ever ended with "I had a good salad."  Show me the meat!!


6.Sugar Lover Gift Bag For Him $39.99

Do you need sweet treats after every meal?  Do you crave sugar and spice and everything nice?  Well, our Sugar Lover Gift Bag For Himis perfect for the dessert lover in your life! These sugary themed socks are sweet as the real thing.


7.Food Fanatic Gift Bag For Her $34.99

Our Food Fanatic Gift Bag For Her was created because we love food.  You might even say we're fanatical about it. Hamburgers, fries, tacos? Yes please!


8.Mismatched Hamburger Hot Dog Crew Socks $13.99

Our Mismatched Hamburger and Hot Dog Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.

Why, you may ask? Because each sock is different! One sock has hamburgers and the other sock has hot dogs. These socks go as great together guessed it...hamburgers and hot dogs!  


9.Cupcake Crew Socks  $13.99

Someone once told me that Cupcakes are just muffins who had big dreams. I like that.

Cupcakes are a great treat for your feet! Celebrate your birthday in these Cupcake Crew Socks! This sock with delicious cupcakes on them can be worn year-round, not just your birthday.


10.Taco Socks $13.99

It’s raining Taco Socks! From out of the sky! The most versatile food in the world has done it again! Not only are Tacos perfect for parties, snacks and the midnight munchies, but now they are the most fashionable accessory you can wear! Taco Socks! It’s like a dream!


11.Daily Grind Coffee Lover Gift Box For Him $49.99

Do you love coffee? Do you need coffee to get your day really going? No work can be done around here until you've had their coffee, that's for sure!  


12.Mismatched Eggs and Bacon Crew Socks $13.99

Our Mismatched Eggs and Bacon Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.

Why, you may ask?

Because each sock is different! One sock has eggs and the other sock has bacon. These socks go as great together guessed it...bacon and eggs! They're the basis for any delicious breakfast!


13.Baked Goods? I Make Baked Greats Oven Mitt $18.99

The only thing better than baked goods? BAKED GREATS! Yeah, I'm on a whole new level of baking. I make baked greats, NBD. For queens of baking, whether it's brownies, cookies, or cakes, this is the oven mitt you need to be great, not good.


14.Ramen Women's Socks $11.99

What is better than ramen? Ramen themed socks!

These socks are perfect when you are eating a steamy warm bowl of ramen. What is your favorite type of ramen? Mine is a delicious bowl of noodles, perfectly marinated soft-boiled egg, narutomaki — with chopsticks! 



15.Let's Avocuddle Women's Crew Sock $11.99

These Let's Avocuddle Women's Crew Socks are perfect for you. Two of my favorite things- cuddles and avocados!!  Just picture it you're on the couch with your favorite person or fur baby eating some avocado toast.


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