Celebrating Sadie, Chief Morale Officer, in honor of National Brown Dog Day


Meet three-year-old Sadie, a lab mix, John’s Crazy Socks new ‘Chief Morale Officer’ and lover of employees and visitors alike.


Sadie’s special skills:

  • taking long naps curled up on her pillow
  • searching for the perfect place to bury her bone
  • alerting us for mail deliveries
  • welcoming tours and work groups
  • elevating our mood
  • running laps around the building


Sadie looks forward to the days that her human (Stephanie, our Digital Media Manager) brings her to the John’s Crazy Socks world headquarters, where she knows she’ll get back scratches and belly rubs from the staff. Today, National Brown Dog Day, she’ll also get a few extra treats.


Sadie and Stephanie


Sadie and John


Sadie and Andrew