Best Crazy Socks To Wear In 2023

Getting ready for the new year? It's time for a new pair of socks. It's out with the old and in the new crazy socks. So start the new year on the right foot with some crazy socks from John's Crazy Socks.

1.Champagne Bottles Crew Socks

Champagne's involved? I'll be there in a prosecco rocking our Champagne Bottles Crew Socks.

Did you know that France has the largest Champagne market? The French consume over 150 million bottles every year. That's about 52 percent of the entire world production of Champagne. Enjoy a glass or two while wearing these super comfy socks.  

2.Need More Space Women's Crew Socks

These Need More Space Women's Crew Socks are our 2022 Limited Edition Socks! 

These awesome, exclusive, designed-by-John socks even glow in the dark! Make sure to expose them to light first so they will wow your friends and family when they begin to glow!


3.Love NYC Men's Crew Socks

We are so excited to introduce our new line of exclusive socks, J's by John's Crazy Socks!

These New York City themed socks feature some of the most iconic items associated with the Big Apple - like the Statue of Liberty, a classic Yellow Cab, and of course a red apple! 

We only made 100 of these, so make sure to get your before they sell out!

4.Monster Party Crew Sock

Do you love to party? Do you love to have such a big party that everyone calls it a MONSTER PARTY?

Throw the ultimate rager in these awesome and fun Monster Party Crew Socks! They're a great birthday gift or just to make someone smile.

5.Party Hardly Women's Crew Sock

Slow dance in our Party Hardly Women's Crew Socks.  These fun and festive socks are everything you need on your feet. This sloth hanging from a party banner lets you know what a sloth thinks about parties. Party? Hardly!

6.Party Beagle Kids Crew Socks

Show off your favorite dog in Party Beagle Kids Crew Socks!! What better way to dress up for a dance party than with our Party Beagle Kids Crew Socks?