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8 Adorable Non Candy Easter Gifts 2022

Get some eggcellenct gifts for your Easter basket this year. We have awesome novelty socks for everyone in the Family. You can make sure your Easter gifts are not boring! Plus side its a non candy gift you can give to the family! check our some of our favorite crazy socks below


 1.Easter Dogs Women's Crew Sock

Why do bunnies get all the attention on Easter? Dogs are friendly, loyal, mischievous (sometimes), caring and best of all – humorous by nature. It’s why humans have given them the apt nickname, “man’s best friend.” 

Our Easter Dogs Women's Crew Socks are just that, your new best friend. These adorable bunny-ear wearing puppies are just the addition your Easter basket needs!


2.Easter Llama Ankle Socks

Look at me, I'm an Easter Bunny. Hmmm...something looks weird here! Wait, is that a llama wearing a bunny disguise?

Wear these Easter Llama Ankle Socks working out, running errands, or kicking your feet up.  Either way they will not disappoint. 

3. Easter Box of Socks 

Our Easter Box of Socks for Women (and Older Children!) make the perfect Easter gift. Delight the Women in your life with our beautiful Easter-themed socks. 


4.Bunny Tails Women's Crew Sock

The perfect Spring socks! Our Bunny Tails Women's Crew Sock are great to wear on Easter (or all Spring long, we won't judge).

These rabbits with big fluffy tails are too cute and the perfect addition for your Easter basket this year!

5.Bunny Ankle Socks 

Hipp-ity hop hop, hipp-ity hop hop. These Bunny Ankle feature an adorable picture of a real-life bunny with tan and white fur. With his cute little nose and floppy bunny ears, these socks are hard to resist. 

6.Flower Crown Bunny Women's Crew Sock

The flower crown of today is a fashionable accessory synonymous with Coachella revelers and boho brides, but it’s not new: wearing leaves and flowers as a headpiece has a rich history dating back to the ancient classical world. Since antiquity, the circular or horseshoe shape of the wreath has been a symbol of glory, power, and eternity.

Wear our Flower Crown Bunny Women's Crew Socks with the the pride that flower crowns deserve. This rabbit thinks you look fab! Great for Easter and Spring!

7. Rubber Ducks Men's Crew Socks

If puns really quack you up, these may be the perfect socks for you! 

Enjoy some quackers or some quackerjacks in our soft Rubber Ducks Men's Crew Socks. 🦆😂😂

"Rubber ducky, you're the one..." Just like Kermit The Frog, I love rubber duckies too. These fun and silly socks show everyone that you're still a kid at heart!


8.Rubber Ducky Let your inner child roll with these Rubber Ducky Socks!

Ah, remember the days when your biggest concern was finding your Rubber Ducky was when bath time came around? Covered in bright colors and jubilant, yellow duckies, these Rubber Ducky socks remind us of a simpler part of life. Perhaps a happier part of life. A part of life some of us wish we could relive from time to time. Relive it in these socks and add a little spring to your step.


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