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25 Of The Funniest Crazy Socks

Need a laugh? Funny socks are the answer! These best-selling funny socks are no joke! Perfect gift for the ultimate jokester,these novelty socks are the ideal choice. No boring socks, so we have hundreds of fun and funny socks just for you. After all, we're on a mission to spread happiness through crazy socks!

1.Old Fart Unisex Crew Sock

Old fart, formerly known as stud muffin.  You'll keep them laughing with these Old Fart Unisex Crew Socks.  We all know we love our old farts. These are a perfect birthday gift, too!


We were getting socks for our grandson when we saw these. My husband wanted them for himself & he loves them. Gave us all a good chuckle.


2.Dumpster Fire Men's Crew Sock

Best way to describe this year? Our Dumpster Fire Men's Crew Socks is what we think of the last year. We have high hopes for new and better things.  

If you want a fun gift to make someone smile, this one is it


Huge hit with my husband!

3.Run Now Wine Later Socks Women's Ankle Sock

The Run Now Wine Later Socks are great for the woman who loves to exercise so that she can relax with a glass of wine later without any guilt!  Comfortable, stylish and funny - these socks are a great gift to yourself or for others.


the ankle socks are great, ordered some for gifts but think I will keep more than my pair. They are super comfy!!

4.May The Course Be With You Men's Crew Socks

The course is strong with this one. If you are a lover of Star Wars and golf, then you need a pair of these socks. This pair is well-suited for tee-off and beyond.


Love everything I purchased. Order was sent quickly.

5.King Of The Porcelain Throne Men's Crew Socks

If you know, you know...these are the socks for THAT guy. The one who spends an unusual amount of time in his favorite place - the bathroom.

All hail the king of the (porcelain) throne!


just what i wanted. future son in law loves them


6.Death Before Decaf Men's Crew Sock

Decaf?! You must mean broken coffee. 

For the coffee loving crazy sock connoisseur, we offer up these amazing new Death Before Decaf Men's Crew Socks!Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super coolsocks?


Great, fits like a charm and the design is very cool

7.It’s OK To Fart Unisex Crew Socks

Contrary to what you may have heard, according to these great socks, It’s OK To Fart! For you or the person you love who has trouble containing their gas, these socks are perfect! These It’s OK To Fart Unisex Crew Socks have the statement “It’s OK To Fart” on the top of the sock. Wear these comfy socks and make a statement wherever you go, and let people know that hey…sometimes It’s OK To Fart!


Fantastic from start to finisy. I made a joke to a friend that I was going to buy his young daughter s a gift and just made up fart socks. Googled fart socks, bam. Of course they exist. Even better a company that works with people that we work with also.

8.Loving Memory of Sleep Women's Crew Socks

"A toddler can do more in one unsupervised minute than most people can do in a day." 

Parents everywhere will tell you our Loving Memory of Sleep Women's Crew Socks are right on target.  

This is a great gift for your favorite insomniac! 

Review:I had been ordering from a competitor who also makes donations and while the quality of those were good too, I just didn't find them comfortable. I'll be donating those and sticking with John's from now on!

9.Giant Music Snob- Crew Socks for Men

Talk to me when you think you know something about music. Not just GAGA and Swift either. I mean Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock - Zep, Floyd and everything in between.

Finally, show your experience with all great music with these Giant Music Snob Socks!


My wonderful wife bought me these socks for Father's Day. They are soft and comfortable. I love them!

10.Go Away I'm Reading Unisex Crew Socks

You're at a pivotal point in your current book. There's a knock at the door. This is not the time to be interrupted. If only you could hide away where no one will find you, there's no cell phone service, and you can complete your reading in peace. "Go away. I'm reading!" We understand.


Great experience & great company. Love the socks and love supporting John's Crazy Socks. Everyone should have at least 7 pairs. Package arrived with hand note, some goodies & the order intact. Highly recommend.

11.I Never Fart Socks Women's Crew Sock

I Never Fart Socks say it all. You've so refined that not only do you not fart, but everything smells like pretty flowers.  But wait, are those dandelions?  So maybe just like weedy dandelions are not flowers, maybe it's not true that you never fart!

These beautiful I Never Fart Socks are a gorgeous light blue color with pretty accents.  Treat yourself to a pair today. 


Love the socks and the great company, customer service!

12.I'll Behave Never - Ankle Socks for Women

Sure, I'll behave. NOT! That will never happen. Don't even say it. Just point to these awesome socks. See ya!


Bought these as a gift for my sister who loves socks and well...can't behave. They are so pretty in person!!

13.Coffee Makes Me Poop Unisex Crew Sock

You love coffee, but does coffee run through you like a laxative?  Does it make you run, not walk to the bathroom? 

You may need our Coffee Makes Me Poop Unisex Crew Socks. These socks let your team know that you may be gone for 15-30 mins after that cup hits your system. 


The shipping was so fast and love the socks. Can’t wait to see my son open them on his birthday!


14.Cat Lady Women's Crew Socks

There are other cat socks out there, but there are no other Cat Lady Women's Crew Socks out there.  With the skills and traits of kitties, these Cat Lady Women's Crew Socks  will make your feet look and feel their best.

If people call you a Crazy Cat Lady, you need these socks. Wear them proudly!


Socks are comfortable as well as being cute. I love cat themed socks, and these were great.

15.If My Dog Doesn't Like You Unisex Crew Sock

Listen, this isn't going to work.  Sorry, not sorry - but If My Dog Doesn't Like You then I don't like you.  My fur baby matters and they are a great judge of character. 🐶🐕


Extremely fast shipping. Socks look great. I’m sure my granddaughter will love them at Christmas.

16.Snap, Crackle, Pop Crew Sock

We are going full on nostalgic with our Snap, Crackle, Pop Crew Socks.  Saturday morning cartoons weren't complete without a bowl of yummy Rice Krispies cereal.  To see your favorite cereal mascots Snap, Crackle, Pop sing and dance across the screen was one of the best parts of watching tv!


Thick and comfy. Lovely colors and pictures.

17.You Wanna Pizza Me Unisex Crew Sock

In Pizza we Crust.  Our You Wanna Pizza Me Unisex Crew Socks are perfect for the one in your life that believes pizza is life. 

This feisty slice of pizza is ready to fight! Wear these socks to your next pizza party and get a big laugh out of everyone!


The sock quality is fantastic. Shipped quick also. Great job!

18.Bagel Schmear Sock

Love bagels? Love carbs? Who doesn't! Why not add a Schmear of cream cheese to your bagel.  🥯


I had a great experience buying Johns Crazy Socks . I was able to get socks with fun themes for my Christmas shopping! High quality socks too!

19.Cross The Road Men's Crew Socks

Why did it cross the road?  Don't ask!  Just put on these Chickens Socks! The sophisticated grey socks have a rooster strutting in the crosswalk.  The Chickens Socks are perfect for the farm lover or chicken lover in your life!


I will definitely order from John’s Crazy Socks again. The quality of the socks and the friendly personal service was just great! They included a handwritten thank you note and a snack size bag of skittles! I love supporting a small business! Thank you John and Mark! Keep up the great work! 

20.Chocolate Women's Crew Socks

Instead of therapy, I'd prefer chocolate. It's cheaper and I don't have to make an appointment to enjoy it.  There are fun socks out there, but there are no other Chocolate Women's Crew Socks out there.


I purchased 4 pairs of socks for Xmas presents, so haven’t used them yet. I like the quality of them


21.Secret Powers Men's Crew Socks

Make everyone meow in fear with these Secret Powers Men's Crew Socks.  

Bright, bold, and and to the point - you have Secret Powers and you're NOT afraid to use them! 


These socks are so cute!

22.Danger Stand Back! Even My Feet Fart Unisex Crew Socks

Wear these socks and your friends can't say that they weren't warned. Danger! Stand Back! Even My Feet Fart!


Cannot express = still waiting = I am the secret gift giver and have not rec'd any response from those few who were in the know. As for myself was ready to place another order and it is presently out of stock = will keep trying. Thank You and Happy New Year.

23.The Dogtor Is In Women's Crew Socks

Can you imagine coming to see the doctor and you see that face?  I'd feel safer right away.  He may not be there, but our The Dogtor Is In Women's Crew Socks will happily put a smile on your face.

Review: I gave the socks as gifts to my surgeon and staff. Everyone loved them. I loved the dog tor is in pair. I ordered the gift bags too. So sweet of John to include a personal note with each order & some candy too. The order was filled an shipped very quickly. I enjoyed the entire experience. John & staff does a GREAT job!


24. Knit Happens Women's Crew Socks

Imagine this you are knitting when you notice you made a huge mistake. Just say Knit Happens and continue on! Perfect for you or the sewing lover in your life!


The socks are great! They are made from a great material, definitely durable and long lasting! I look forward to shopping here again!

25.I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie Unisex Crew Socks

What do you get when you combine Sir Mix-A-Lot and deer hunting? These handsome I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Liecamo socks!

Let everyone know that you have a love of outdoor game and aren't afraid to show it!


The socks were a big hit. Quality is excellent. Fit is great! The customer service experience is amazing! So personal. Candy with my purchase was sweet!


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