14 Thanksgiving Socks To Wear This Year

It's Turkey Time! 

1.Turkey Bowl Unisex Crew Socks

Finally, a sock that combines Thanksgiving Day festivities (aka football) with the fastest turkey running for its dear life. Wear our exclusive, specially-designed Turkey Bowl Socks and you too will be fast (after you wake up from a nap)! These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the person who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)

Review: Bought these socks for my brother as a gift and he told me they were good socks and his granddaughter noticed them at Thanksgiving right away.

2.Gobble Gobble Crew Socks

Gobble Gobble, Gobble Gobble goes the bird!

These Turkey themed socks are the perfect crazy sock to accentuate your Thanksgiving outfit for dinner this year.

Buy one for yourself and your friends and family at the table so you can all match!

These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the person who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)


I bought these for myself, my mom, and my brother's girlfriend - we took many pictures of them together! It's become a new tradition.

3.Thanksgiving Dinner Crew Sock 

My favorite holiday is centered around food and family.  Our Thanksgiving Dinner Crew Socks are a small tribute to the food portion of the day. 

These hysterical Thanksgiving socks say "Gobble Til U Wobble" and feature delicious slices of pumpkin pie and turkey legs. What else could you possibly wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

Get a pair for everyone at your table! These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the person who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)


Big hit at thanksgiving! Loved them

4.Turkey Face Men's Crew Socks 

We love Thanksgiving because it is such a GREAT family holiday. And we love these Turkey Face Socks because they are the perfect Thanksgiving socks. They have the right mix of the season and fun to make people notice your socks and smile.


Husband loves them and has worn them several times and showed them to all that he can show. They are so cute and as always well made, keep up the good work...love love to all!!

5.Turkey Revolution Thanksgiving Socks

Turkey Revolution Thanksgiving Socks are terrific to accent that Thanksgiving outfit.  The socks are covered with turkeys carrying pitchforks and fire torches!  We just hope that they are designed to evoke the American revolution and not that turkeys are about to revolt from gracing our Thanksgiving tables!


My husband and son-in-laws enjoyed receiving them as gifts to wear for Thanksgiving. Other family members thought it was fun seeing socks for Thanksgiving. They state they are comfortable to wear.

6.Turkey Dinner Women's Crew Socks

Turkey Dinner Women's Crew Socksare terrific to accent that Thanksgiving outfit. Turkey, pumpkin pie, and some lovely table decor along with some pumpkins - these socks are great to wear at your Thanksgiving dinner!


Great socks to wear Thanksgiving! They fit well, don’t pinch at the sock top and don’t fall down to your toes when you wear them! I love them!

7.Oh My Gourd  Socks 

Autumn...the changing of seasons. Time for some pumpkin spice and pumpkin picking. These Oh My Gourd Socks are covered in all different shapes and sizes of pumpkins. 

For the sock lover who always has a pair of socks to match to the season, these will certainly add some fall style to your wardrobe!


These socks are great! They’re soft, comfortable and fun to wear, especially if you tell people their name. “Oh my gourd!”

8.Give Thanks Socks

These Give Thanks Socks are the perfect Fall and Thanksgiving socks.

Gratitude leads to happiness, so these socks will make you very happy. Fall is the time of the harvest, the time to give thanks for all we have.  

These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the woman who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)


These socks fit great! I needed some Thanksgiving socks & these were perfect! I love socks from John’s Crazy Socks! And they help folks with differing abilities! It’s a win-win!

9.Fall Leaves Socks 

Don't just kick the autumn leaves with your shoes, wear these leaves inside your shoes as well!  The classic black background of the Fall Leaves Socks Men's Crew have leaves of many colors scattered throughout.  Perfect anytime and especially on a crisp Fall day!


Ordering easy with huge selection (hardest part is choosing)Quality is excellent with vibrant colors that wash & dry very well. Delivered quickly.

10.Pinecone Crew Socks

The fall and winter season might not be full of flowers, but they are full of beautiful pinecones. These beautiful Pinecone socks are like artwork for your feet!


The website is easy to use. I received the socks in a timely fashion. The socks are exactly as advertised. Thinner for warmer weather.

11.Hope Women's Crew Socks

These beautiful Hope Crew Socks say "Choose Hope" and "Be Kind".

These socks have a lovely floral pattern and are a great way to remember the simple things we can all do to make the world a better place.


12.Blessings Women's No Show 3 Pack

If you need a little encouragement each day, our 3 pair pack of no shows offers three different "feel-good" words on each sock. They include "BLESSED"; THANKFUL"; and "GRATEFUL".

Not only are they inspiring, they are cute! In fashion colors and simple floral accents, you will have fun enjoying each pair of women's no shows and feel great. Our no shows are thin and strong providing a nice layer of fabric between your feet and your shoes. Enjoy!

13.Blessed Women's Crew Socks 

Be thankful and feel blessed while wearing these beautiful floral themed socks.  These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the woman who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)


Wonderful! I bought 2 pairs of these socks; for myself and a Christmas gift to a friend. THe socks are so comfortable - soft and cushy. Makes my feet happy!


14.Turkey Ankle Socks

Turkey Ankle Socksare just the right socks to accent that Thanksgiving outfit. 

When standing with your feet together, these socks complete an entire turkey (we guess that that don't know that there are plans for them to become dinner)!

Make your Thanksgiving dinner partners laugh when you show up wearing these funny Thanksgiving socks! These are a great Thanksgiving hostess gift for the woman who has everything (except Thanksgiving socks, that is!)