16 Gifts For Music Lovers | Socks Musicians Will Love | With Reviews

 looking for the best gift for your favorite musician or music lover? Why not give them a pair of crazy cool socks!


1. Drum Set Socks

You need to feel the rhythm deep within every ounce of your being to be a successful drummer. As such, there is no better way to remain calm at the set than with these Drum Set Socks. When Neil Peart was composing the highly technical rhythms to Rush's “YYZ,” was he wearing Drum Set Socks? When Buddy Rich was making history with the unfathomable precision on “Groovin' Hard,” was he wearing Drum Set Socks? When Keith Moon led into those initial crashes on "Baba O'Riley" for the first time, was he even wearing socks?

ReviewSocks look just like in the picture and how often do you find drummers socks? Haven't given them yet so I don't know how they wear but really like the looks. Customer service seems to be a cut above adding extra touches like personal note and candy. Happy for your success. Everyone to the sock hop!!!


2.Musical Dogs Women's Crew Socks

Get ready to make or hear some great music while wearing our Musical Dogs Women's Crew Socks.  What a musical pair of socks these are! Every music and dog lover needs a pair of these socks.

Review:  I love my John's Crazy Socks!! The colors are beautiful and they fir great. I will be getting more

3.A Genius Composition Men's Crew Socks

These musical theme socks for men hit all the right notes.

To be specific, the A Genius Composition Men's Crew Socks hit the notes to Beethoven's “Fur Elise,” an iconic piece of music that is instantly recognizable to just about everyone who can read sheet music. 

Review: For my dad the musician
4.Grateful Dead 360 Character Crew Sock

Every Grateful Dead fan can recognize this bear.

This tie-dye sock will look great on any "deadheads." Get a pair for yourself or your favorite person to go to concert with today!

Review:We love the socks they are comfortable and stylish.

Excellent socks, very comfortable and truly stylish for any age.


5.Classic Guitar Socks Men’s Crew Sock

It doesn’t matter if you’re a metal head, classic rocker or a country music lover; you’re going to love Classic Guitar Socks - Crew Socks for Men. Featuring acoustic guitars, these socks are perfect for rocking out to your favorite songs or reminding you of your favorite musical memories. Perhaps they’ll call to mind the first time you picked up a guitar or the first live concert you saw; Maybe your very first guitar lesson or your favorite guitarist shredding.

Review:I love these socks so much! I’ve already worn them several times and I plan to buy more because they are such great quality! Also, I love what you are doing John! Keep up the good work man! You rock!


6.Making Music Women's Crew Sock

Get ready to make some great music when wearing our Making Music Women's Crew Socks complete with a G Clef and 1/8th notes. 

What a musical pair of socks these are! Every music lover needs a pair of these socks.

Review Was a gift for my daughter, she loves it.

7.Brown Guitar Socks 

Strum some strings with Guitar Socks! These awesome socks feature a classic acoustic style guitar on a clean black background. What more could you want?  


8. Classic Rock Socks Men's Sock

Grab your mullet, a classic band tee, and rock out to these Classic Rock Socks.

Blast your favorite music on your old boom box and grab your air guitar. You are never too old or too young to rock out to some classic rock. So blast some Led Zeppelin and get to rocking.

*Warning: Socks may embarrass your kids*

Review: They were a hit!!

9.When My Song Comes On Socks - Crew Socks for Women

Do you dance like no one is watching when your favorite tune comes on?  These When My Song Comes On Socks celebrate the feeling of joy that you get when that special song fills the room!  You have to move, you want to dance, you jump with joy!

Review:  Really great. I love these super fun socks. They are great quality and arrived quickly! Thanks
10.Acoustic Guitar Liner Socks for Men

Bring a little rock and roll style to your feet in your new Acoustic Guitar Liner Socks for Men.  Why do your hands get to have all the guitar playing fun? Now your feet can join on in! The Acoustic Guitar Liner Socks for Men are blue with an image of a classic acoustic guitar on the top of each sock.

Review: Excellent!! happy with the socks and delivery. Will definitely shop again.

Great fun socks and excited to give as a gift.


11.Giant Music Snob- Crew Socks for Men

Talk to me when you think you know something about music. Not just GAGA and Swift either. I mean Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock - Zep, Floyd and everything in between.

Review: My wonderful wife bought me these socks for Father's Day. They are soft and comfortable. I love them!


12.Dogs Of Rock Men's Crew Sock

Find the one that looks most like your favorite pup.  Our photo collage of  Dogs Of Rock Men's Crew Socks is the hall of fame of dogs, for the crazy sock and music lover!

Review: I bought a bunch of dog-themed socks for a raffle for a senior dog rescue fundraiser. Everyone loved them!


13.Piano Cat Socks

We love the brilliantly and boldly designed Piano Cat Socks for Men. It is a multi-dimensional sock. On one side, a cat stealthily stalks along the piano keys. In front, the cat peers out from behind the piano keys. And on the other side, the cat plays against a red background, chasing elusive notes.


The socks were great and looked exactly as pictured. They were a perfect fit and are incredibly comfortable. Definitely recommend!! They are my new favorite pair of socks

14.Picasso's Old Guitarist Socks Men's Crew Sock

Beautiful work of art expressed on these Picasso's Old Guitarist Socks. 

Show off your artistic flair by adding these to your wardrobe. These socks show the elderly musician playing guitar on the streets of Barcelona, Spain.

Review: Great company! Great experience
15.Elvis Portrait Socks Women's Crew Sock

These are the perfect socks to wear when you're rocking the night away.  These gorgeous Elvis Portrait Socks depict the classic image of the King of Rock and Roll!  Whether you're dancing in the jailhouse or in a club, wear these socks while you're doing it!

Review:I bought the Elvis socks for my best friend. She came over today and had them on. She said she loves them. 
16.Party Time Socks Unisex Crew Socks

Need cool and colorful socks for a party?  Nothing better than Party Time Socks! These crazy socks are decorated with microphones, music notes and LPs. 

What better way to dress up for a dance party than with our Party Time Socks?  Great socks for a party or even dancing at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah!  Have some fun with these Party Time Socks!