Programs - John's Crazy Socks


John and Mark offer inspiring talks full of humor and passion. They leave audiences entertained, moved, and ready to take action. 

Program Offerings

John and Mark will inspire, entertain, make people smile, laugh and even weep. They leave a memorable impression with people ready to take action.  

Hear how John, a young man with Down syndrome, turned his inability to find meaningful work into an opportunity by teaming with his Dad to bootstrap their way to a multi-million dollar international business.   

Hear how John and Mark built a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness. They match their giving back and efforts to show what people with differing abilities can achieve to rock solid business practices to make a difference in the world. 

Learn why hiring people with differing abilities is good business and can give you a competitive advantage. Hear how John and Mark have turned hiring people with differing abilities into a positive engine driving their business. 

Hear the five-step approach John and Mark take to create employee engagement, where their colleagues are engaged, and doing their best work.  They're spreading happiness in the workspace.

Stop chasing transactions and create customer experiences that wow your customers and invite them to be part of your mission. Customers will love your business, come back again and again and become your biggest advocates.


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