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What Can We Do For You? What Socks Do You Want?

What Can We Do For You? What Socks Do You Want?

We work hard to bring you great socks and great service. Instead of us telling you what we have, we want to know what you want.

Do We Have Socks You Love? To find socks you will love, we now offer over 1,200 socks and add more every day (like our “Color-in-Socks”, Volleyball Socks and the recently replenished Williams Syndrome Awareness Socks). What socks do you want that we do not carry?

Do We Have Collections of Socks that Work for You? We have put together collections you might want like our Father’s Day Socks, Teacher Gifts, Graduation Gifts , Wedding Socks and Patriotic Socks. Do these collections work for you? What collections would you like to see? 

Do We Have Gift Options that Work for You? We have Father’s Day Gift Boxes and a growing number of Gift Box Options. We have added a gift-wrapping option to our shopping cart that lets you add a Gift Bag or a Gift Box on gift orders. Are these options you like? What suggestions would you make?

Do You Want a Sock of the Month Club? Yesterday, we began offering a Sock of the Month Club (call it a soft opening, as we have not promoted it yet.) Tell us if this works for you, The Sock of the Month Club has these features:

  • Male or Female choices
  • Duration of 3, 6 or 12 months with a free pair of socks on the 12 month plan
  • Pay-as-You-Go or Pre-Pay with up to 10 percent off for Pre-Paying?
  • A 5 percent donation to the Special Olympics
  • A Cost of $12.99 per month

What do you think? Share your thoughts. What can we do for you? Send us an email (service@johnscrazysocks.com) or call us 631-760-5625.

We want John's Crazy Socks to be the best sock store in the world. We’re spreading happiness through socks and want to know what we can do to make you happy with our socks and service.

Thank you and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

John and Mark


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